Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Asshat of the Week: Comedian Lavell Crawford,

Lavell Crawford is a comedian and an actor; he was on “Breaking Bad” though I have never heard of, and now wish I’d never heard from him.

Crawford has some thoughts on The Gays that he unleashed in an interview, saying he won’t make “gay” jokes, because they’re too easy, but that when he does make “gay” jokes it’s because of his “dad being gay.”

Crawford claims to fear what he calls “the gay mafia”—shades of that Will & Grace episode—pointing to the rage from those in the LGBT community, and those with any kind of heart or brain, who were upset over Tracy Morgan’s assertion that he would stab his own son if he found out the boy was gay:
“There is a gay mafia, gay people shut down shit, man.”
Um, Lavell, you dumb f**k? We “shut it down” because all over the world gay people are being beaten and murdered every day for being gay and so, yeah, it’s not funny to hear a man say he’d murder his own child if that child was gay. M’kay?

But Crawford swears he has gay fans, and that he sees the issue as coming down to seeing us not “as gay people, but as people having feelings.”

Well, yeah, that makes sense because, you know, The Gays, like most human beings do have feelings. Still ...
“No matter how much they get accepted, it’s still fucking weird. Now they’re trying to get their own bathrooms and shit.”
Oh, you dumber f**k; being gay is not weird, for gay folks. In fact, it’s downright normal. And to be queer, perfectly queer, gay people aren’t trying to get our own bathrooms; we’ve been using bathrooms for eons. It’s trans Americans who just want to pee, in a bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, that has you confused; and, again, to be perfectly queer, you probably would never know, when you’re using the bathroom, if there was a trans person in there with you, because trans people wanna use the bathroom to relieve themselves, not hold a rally or a meeting ... or ogle anyone. M’kay?

And about that playing of the My Father Is Gay card:
“I got nothing against gay people, because strange enough, my father is gay.”
He is probably embarrassed by your explanation.

But, most disgusting of all, is that during the interview, Crawford agreed with a previous VLAD TV interviewee, Boosie Badazz—AKA Lil Boosie—who said “[The Gays are] trying to make everybody fucking gay,” and that “they do it to make a monetary gain, they’re not doing it for the gays.”

Actually, um, you know, we don’t really care who’s gay and who isn’t; we just want to be treated equally, and not be denigrated by dimwitted comics and ill-named miscreant rappers.

Lavell Crawford also wants y’all to know that he doesn’t approve of gay characters in films like Beauty and the Beast, and in cartoons. “They’re trying to put in your kid’s mind, ‘Oh, I’m born gay,” because Lavell Crawford thinks the jury is still out on the born gay stuff.

Well, again, Lavell, you’re a dumbass; the jury isn’t out. Ask a gay person if they were born gay and I imagine nearly 100% of the time you’ll get a ‘Yes.’ Ask a person if they were born ignorant, hate-filled or homophobic and you’ll find that they weren’t; they learned that behavior much as you did.

But Crawford isn’t through with being ignorant and homophobic, saying that people should wait until they’re twenty-five before they “decide” to be gay.

Again, like The Gays are some special group of people who get to “choose” their sexual orientation, and then choose the one that can get them killed.

Now, to be fair, perhaps Crawford was joking, perhaps not; but what he is doing, is perpetuating hatred toward the LGBT community as something to fear, something so different, so deviant.

And that’s not at all funny when you can scarcely go a day without hearing about a gay bashing, or of gay people being murdered simply for being gay.

And that’s not funny, and that’s why Lavell Crawford is the ISBL Asshat of the Week.

He’s a homophobe and a terrible comic because, yeah, he’s not funny.

And he can f**k off.


the dogs' mother said...

Yup, not remotely funny.

Harry Hamid said...

He didn't have many lines in "Breaking Bad." He mostly just stood there looking enormous.

Anitia Moorecock said...

looks like a Mormon too. someone should really tell him gravy isn't a beverage.

Biki Honko said...

I couldn't read the entire article about this asshat, sorry. It's just so horrid to hear someone spew that level of stupidity and hate.

anne marie in philly said...

oink! perhaps he will have a heart attack on stage. no place for h8!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Wait until you are 25 before deciding you are gay? Are heterosexuals supposed to wait until that age before they make that decision? Surely what's good for the goose is good for the gander?

Sadie J said...

Wait until twenty-five to decide? I take that to mean everyone should give both sides a try and then pick!