Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ISBL Asshat of the Week: James Woods

Kellyanne Conway once again dragged herself from the sludge pot on the basement of the White House because the media came a’calling to get her take on _____’s firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Cooper and Conway got into a war of words—sadly, again, Conway was unarmed—about _____’s actions during the campaign versus his hypocrisy as president. Andy—because that’s what I call My-Husband-In-My-Head—Cooper played clips of _____’s campaign speeches, including one from Michigan in October 2016 to show that the man says one thing one day and then flips and flops when the mood strikes.

Kellyanne’s response:
“Thanks for the trip down memory lane. You’re conflating two things that don’t belong together. I was on your show often last fall saying we were going to win Michigan and how we were going to do it ...”
And that’s when it happened ... The Eye-roll Heard ‘Round The World. And while most everyone celebrated Anderson’s non-verbal response to the lunacy that is Conway, one man was not happy at all about it.

James Woods, has-been actor, took to Twitter, not to defend Conway, not to suggest it was inappropriate for Cooper to roll his eyes—though I, for one, find eye-rolling at Kellyanne Conway to be the only way to respond to her—but to slam a homophobic slur at Anderson:

Woods, an Oscar-nominated actor who is now reduced to playing sidekick to has-been comic Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay in an upcoming film, often shares his idiotic, er, conservative views on Twitter thought his is the first time he used Hate Speech. And then bragged about it, because most folks on Twitter assumed the “joke” came from Clay, until Woods set folks, um, straight:
“Nope! That was all me, Baby”
But, not just for that homophobic slur, I name James Woods the ISBL Asshat of the Week, because Anderson wasn’t just responding to Conway on that one issue, he was responding to Conway in general.

I mean, he could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... was photographed, shoes off, feet up, on a couch in the Oval Office, which is disrespectful to the President—even an idiot like this one—disrespectful to the home, and disrespectful to the people of this country.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... committed a breach of ethics when she was asked about Nordstrom’s decision to eliminate Complicit _____’s clothing collection from its stores and she, as a White House Spokesmoron, told America to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff, is what I would tell you. I’m going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today, everybody. You can find it online.” 

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... swore up and down that Trump had “full confidence” in former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... claimed, the very next day, that Flynn had resigned from his position, even though we now know _____ asked for his resignation.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... two days after _____’s inauguration, coined the term “alternative facts” to defend Sean Spicer’s reports that the swearing-in had one of the biggest audiences in history. Conway insisted Spicer didn’t lie, but had offered “alternative facts” instead.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... insisted that _____, as president-elect, had broken a 37-year-old U.S. protocol to not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign country. When Cooper asked Conway about _____ speaking to the President Tsai Ing-wen, Conway stated, “I can’t discuss anything beyond what’s been publicly said.” Cooper fired back by telling her no U.S. president has “spoken to the leader of Taiwan since 1979.” Conway flipped the script and responded with, “I don’t remember any discussions ever being asked about President Obama or president-elect Obama eight years ago at this time.” In the end, Conway skirted the entire conversation and ended it by saying _____ was “fully briefed and fully knowledgeable about these issues on an ongoing basis.”

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... came out against Meryl Streep’s right to Free Speech at the Golden Globes, saying, “Look, Meryl Streep and that room she was in represent a small slice of America, but this was an anti-elite (election). This was a rejection of the elites, of people in the political media, Hollywood, money access, frankly, that was out of touch with America. I mean, Donald _____ proved one thing, mightily: He understood America and he had a masterful way of communicating and connecting with them.” Conway then compared famous people to reality show stars like those on “Storage Wars and Duck Dynasty”; you know, The Elite Shows.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... lied about former President Barack Obama’s ban on refugees, saying he had banned Iraqi refugees from entering into the United States for six months back in 2011.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... created the Bowling Green Massacre, a non-existent terrorist attack to support her claim that refugees posed a risk to American citizens. There was no massacre, ever.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... who was initially hired as _____’s campaign manager, causing many to assume his old campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, would be out. But Conway went on the record to say Manafort’s position wasn’t in jeopardy, and her appointment wasn’t a “shake-up” of any sorts. Two days later, Manafort was fired.

Anderson could have eye-rolled when Kellyanne ... refused to acknowledge that _____ had completely flip-flopped on immigration, when he said he wouldn’t be immediately deporting more than 11 million undocumented immigrants. Days later, Conway insisted Trump hadn’t changed his position at all by saying, “I assure you, nothing has changed.” A lie.

Look,. Here’s the queer deal, Anderson Cooper simply rolled his eyes at Kellyanne Conway because, like her boss, she wouldn't know the truth if it Bitch-slapped her ... which is what I would have done were I in Anderson’s spot.

And an eye-roll at a liar, with a history of lies and alternative facts and breaches of ethics and simple rude behavior, does not warrant a homophobic slur.

And so I might say that, perhaps, James Woods’ cock ring was too tight, though not because he's gay ... he's not, thank the goddess ... but because he's a dick ... and an asshat.


the dogs' mother said...

Do not dis The Anderson!!

anne marie in philly said...

washed up has been old rich white male "actor" asshat says WHAT? pay no attention to the idiot spewing shit, AC!

mistress maddie said...

Like anyone care has to what a has been has to say. And that goes for Kellyanne too.

Raybeard said...

Especially disappointing when I recall that when there was first talk about a feature film on Harvey Milk, way back in the late 70s, it was Woods who was being slated for the title role.

Harry Hamid said...

Looking at Cooper's face, I suspect that interviewing Conway was not his idea. He looks like he's being forced to speak to her by higher-ups.

Oh, and James Woods insulted and then blocked on twitter because I called him out one time when he advocated a day in which white people could go out and kill black people. So I can't read his words of wisdom on twitter.

Professor Chaos said...

The fact that he merely rolled his eyes and didn't burst out laughing is a testament to Cooper's restraint.

Dave R said...

Did she actually use the word 'conflating?'... 'conflating?'

Helen Lashbrook said...

Why do CNN keep booking this liar who even Joe and Mika have banned!

Anonymous said...

James Woods: now just a sight gag on Family Guy and little else.