Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Turnabout Is Fair Play, eh Joe?

I still remember, and cringe, that moment during President Obama’s speech before Congress when South Carolina Asshat Republican ... because of course ... Congressman Joe Wilson (shouted out, like a petulant child at a school assembly, “You lie.”

I thought, Oh great, a South Carolina dumbass will be all over the news; and he was ... until he finally apologized for being a disrespectful tool.

Well, he’s all over the news again, at least down here, because of that shout-out, though this time it’s because the words—You lie—were being shouted at Joe Wilson by his own constituents.

Last week, during a town hall in Graniteville, many of those in attendance shouted down Wilson with loud jeers and "You lie" chants over his support for the _____ administration and Wilson’s goose-stepping along with _____’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

But it got uglier when Joe Wilson, who in 2013 voted against extending the Violence Against Women Act, but told this crowd that he had advocated to protect women against violence.
“You lie.”
Women; women can turn this around; women can send Wilson packing; women can send a message to Hair Furor that he is over.

Women remember the lies; And we remember it, too; and the people of your own congressional district are reminding you of it.

Now, if they can all just get together and vote this liar out.

Blue South Carolina sounds pretty.


the dogs' mother said...

We would welcome SC to the blue states :-)

anne marie in philly said...

what a disgusting deplorable POS waste of DNA this asshat is!