Thursday, April 13, 2017

Random Musings

I cannot get over the hypocrisy of a president who tells the Syrian people, including the children, they cannot come here because they come from terrorist countries, and then he drops bombs on Syria because Syria gassed those same Syrian people and their babies.

If he’d just let them in ....
Adele just broke a record set by Carole King’s Tapestry; Adele’s 21 has been on the Billboard Top 200  for 320 weeks now besting  Tapestry’s 318 weeks ... and 21 still sits at #103.

It was a long run for King, but now Adele rules.
Carlos had a birthday over the weekend and all he wanted was some new pants and a few new shirts, so I took him shopping on Saturday to get some new duds.

Once home, he swore he would “thin the herd” in his closet and while I was working on the computer he came into the office and said,
“Should I keep these?”
“These” were pair of gauzy white pants that were nearly sheer, and that looked like they, at one time, had a drawstring waist; so I replied,
“Sure, if you’re going as Don Johnson from Miami Vice this Halloween.”
For some reason he stomped off ...
Howsabout that United passenger that was dragged off the flight because United overbooked the flight and needed to make room for some United employees to get to Louisville?

As I said on Facebook, they ought to change their name to  UnAmerican Airlines or, if I had been the passenger they dragged off the plane, they should rebrand as Bob Airlines cuz I’d own that sh*t.
Little Donald Trump Jr. said he won’t run for governor of New York in 2018 which is good because no one asked him.

Oh, and the state of New York berated a yuuuuge sigh of relief.
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigned this week after it was revealed he embezzled state funds to cover-up his affair with aide Rebekah Mason.

Bentley was married for fifty-plus years until his wife found out about his cheating ass, and he used to be a Baptist Deacon and he stood strong against same-sex marriage because marriage is between one man and one woman ... and his mistress, I guess.

Now, I know there are Democrats who lie, cheat and steal, but doesn’t it always seem like its Republicans who get busted for being lying, cheating, stealing, religious bigoted hypocrites?
Yeah, I know, Tuxedo was here last week, but then he did this ... as I was getting ready for work yesterday he decided to nap in the bathroom window. But then stretched out on his back and twisted his body and when I walked in he held out his front legs to me and meowed like a little kid who wanted to be picked up.

I thought maybe he’d gotten himself twisted in the window and was having a hard time getting down, so I scooped him up, gave him a smooch and set him down.

So he could climb back into the window, turn on his back, twist his torso, hold out his paws and say, “Meowwww.” to me.

Apparently this will be a new game ....
Note to Sean Spicer: rule #1 of being a political spokes-tool, even for the Hair Furor, is that you never compare the leader of a country, no matter how despicable, to Hitler by using the phrase “at least Hitler didn’t ..."

And what was that holocaust Center business? Did Hitler escape the bunker, flee to Argentina, then return to Germany to work as a tour guide at Auschwitz?

Seriously, you’d think a spokes-tool could actually speak.
Last week, whilst watching SNL, I was once again struck by the idea that Colin Jost, of ‘Weekend Update’ fame, is kinda hot; and since he’s also funny—which I find very sexy—well, that was a plus. So, I made a mental note to make him a Hot Man this week. Then I saw that Mark Alexander at Veonix Rising, had also found Jost a little something-something and he, too, posted a few sexy snaps. I was gonna switch gears, but said, ‘Nope, hot and funny always wins.’

And then I stumbled—and I wish it had been literally—upon Reid Scott, who is on Veep  and after seeing him, all sleek and sexy, thought to myself, ‘Damn! Why didn’t we upgrade our cable to get HBO so I could him every week?’

So here is, too; we have funny and sexy and sleek and sexy. Just sayin’.
Well, for over For 138 years, the annual Easter Egg Roll has been the biggest single public event held at the White House, attracting some 35,000 Washington-area schoolchildren, military families, and Congressional guests to celebrate Easter.

Alas, not this year. When the _____’s  host the high-profile event April 17th, it will be significantly scaled down as a result of a failure to do the necessary advance planning, such as purchasing the wooden eggs given as gifts on time and sending out invitations to bring the children and their families to the White House for the celebration. 

I guess when the wife refuses to live in the same house as the husband and he’s too busy lobbing Twitter Lies and dropping bombs and dodging an FBI investigation, the little children suffer.


mistress maddie said...

That tuxedo is adorable!!!!! I will have him!

The trumps are driving me to the point of mad. Not only is he killing education, and will mostly cut the arts big time and will effect, symphonies, NPR, and public radio and tv we will be a nation of useless, brainless and not cultured in the slightest, but now he will probably get rid of the fun American traditions. I wonder if Fourth of July will still be celebrated as a holiday?!?!?!?

and if this family becomes a political dynasty like the Kennedys, and they all think they're going to run for out of here.

the dogs' mother said...

Ah, Tuxedo is a sweetie pie.
Been a looong week of craziness and we
still have Friday to go.

Anonymous said...

Ah, El Gato Guapo once again demonstrating his super ability to turn the hardest heart into goo!


Mitchell is Moving said...

Carlos, Tuxedo, and Adele...

Love Adele; good for her.

Tuxedo is adorable and he knows it. Dudo and I have the same routine. He recently trained me.

I think Carlos should keep those gauzy white pants, but only wear them around the house ... for you.

anne marie in philly said...

I was in high school when "tapestry" was released.
every member of the dump family sux.
and I second mitchell about carlos' pants.
feliz cumpleanos, carlos!
and skritches to tuxedo!

Raybeard said...

'Adele the Yell' v Carole King? Is this what pop music has becxome? (Confirming my own worst fears, though I shouldn't be so surprised.). I almost certainly won't be around in 20, 30 years time, but I know which of those names will then be the more cherished - and it ain't the gobby, earache-inducing A! (Sorry Mitch!)

Helen Lashbrook said...

@MM - don't worry the US won't be alone in having a bunch of know nothing kids as the next generation; the UK is rushing down the same path. If you are rich we'll do anything for you; poor? go to the back of the queue!

Raybeard said...

Right on, Helen L. And while this time-consuming, major (and needless) distraction of Brexit plays out you can bet that whenever this country fails to get its way, i.e. only the maximum benefit for us without our having to pay a penny for it, it'll all be the E.U.'s fault, never EVER ours!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those United Airline memes are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Carlos.

Blobby said...

Can we just call 'bullshit' on the Egg Roll story? Do we think in any world that the first lady (any of them) actually does a thing w that planning? The WH has planners for that shit, and it wasn't Pat Nixon, Hillary Clinton or Melanoma Dump