Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Eighteen Senate Republicans ... Because, Of Course ... Demand _____ Legalize Anti-LGBT Discrimination

I guess the Three Asshats from Monday will now be joined by an additional Eighteen Asshats ... after the Hate Group, the Family Research Council, issued this press release:
The bandwagon to protect religious liberty just got 18 more riders! Senate Republicans are joining a growing movement of conservatives who think it’s time the White House waded into the debate and issued an executive order protecting our First Freedom.
In a letter to President Trump, the group writes, “We were encouraged to learn of your consideration of an executive order that would require the agencies of the federal government to respect religious freedom throughout their activities and respectfully request that you issue such an order without delay.”
Citing the government’s crackdown on everyone from Little Sisters of the Poor to faith-based college clubs, they explain that it’s time for the administration to warn government agencies that may be tempted to punish people for their beliefs on issues like marriage.
“An executive order requiring federal government agencies to protect the right to religious freedom is necessary,” the senators argue, “and directing agencies to adhere to existing federal laws protecting religious freedom is sound policy. We agree with and commend your strong statements in support of religious freedom, most recently at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 2 where you stated, ‘…my administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty in our land.'” The threat of colleges losing their accreditation or faith-based groups being stripped of their charitable status is real, they explain.
The “free exercise of religion rings hollow if individuals do not have the ability to live out their faith without fear of repercussion from the government… We cannot be a country that financially punishes individuals for practicing their sincerely held religious beliefs or decides which practices are a valid part of a particular religious tradition and worthy of protection.”
Together, Senators Roy Blunt (Mo.), James Lankford (Okla.), Steve Daines (Mt.), Mike Lee (Utah), Ted Cruz (Texas), Ben Sasse (Nebr.), Mike Enzi (Wy.), James Inhofe (Okla.), Tim Scott (S.C.), John Kennedy (La.), Luther Strange (Ala.), Bill Cassidy (La.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Roger Wicker (Miss.), James Risch (Idaho), Dan Sullivan (Ark.), Marco Rubio (Fl.), Ron Johnson (Wisc.) thank President Trump for taking the issue seriously but insist that the “defense of religious freedom must not be left out of [his] efforts.”
We’ve heard from our friends in the House that conservative members have their own letter in process. Let’s hope the president heeds their advice and gives Americans the protection they desperately need! Join these senators in urging President Trump to sign a religious liberty executive order by adding your name to this petition.”
It all sounds so sweet, right?

But exactly where is religious freedom in danger? I mean, a baker, or florist, or photographer, telling a same-sex couple that they cannot be served is not religious freedom, it’s discrimination plain and simple because, please, any one of you eighteen bigots, haters, homophobes, closeted homosexuals, please tell me where in the Bible, where in the teachings of Jesus, it says Don’t Serve The Gays?

And, if you think The Gays, and The Gay Friendlies, will just sit by while you try to legislate hate, think again. We’ll march, we’ll shout, and best of all, we’ll vote you out.



the dogs' mother said...

We all have religious freedom to believe whatever we want.
What we can't do is impose it on others.
What is so hard for folks to understand that?

Raybeard said...

Will it come down to relying on Ivanka to persuade her dad not to support this? It'll be symptomatic of the state of absurdity that's been reached if that's what and who it'll depend on.

Theresa Young said...

Agreed. If your in business to serve the public, then serve the public. You don't have to agree with certain lifestyles, beliefs, etc. You're providing a service, so do it or close shop.

Dave R said...

After the way the Freedom Caucus hobbled the Idiot's Trumpcare, and since he doesn't really understand their Religious beliefs, I don't think this will go far.

anne marie in philly said...

oh look, one of the signers is teddy boy cruz.


Mitchell is Moving said...

May this stink bomb be flushed quickly like so much that's coming from these assholes.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Don't look to little Ivanka to stand in the way of what Daddy and his minions want....after all perhaps my deeply held religious views mean I can shoot down anyone I don't like the sound of, like some of these GOP zealots....will that allow me to walk free?