Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Because She's A'Scurred Of Protestors We Pay $1 Million A Month To Protect Besty DeVos

So, President _____ has said he’s planning on slashing the education budget by about $9 billion dollars because, well, who needs education, because you educate children and they grow up to be educated adults and vote for Democrats.

It makes sense.

But then how does this make sense ... Betsy DeVos, who clearly, through her donations to the _____ campaign, purchased her position as Secretary of Education—all the while having never been a teacher, administrator or principal in any kind of school anywhere—is being protected by a security team costing We The People $1 million a month.

And DeVos is the only Cabinet member to receive this costly level of protection. In the past, the Education Secretary was protected by a team of department employees, which did include a number of former Secret Service agents, but all that changed on February 10 when DeVos was blocked from from entering the Jefferson Middle School Academy in Washington, D.C. by a handful of unarmed protesters chanting “Go back! Shame! Shame!”

Three days later, the Education Department contracted with federal Marshals to provide security for DeVos, making her one of the few Cabinet members to ever require that level of protection and the first to get outside guards in at least eight years.

The contract for DeVos covers the next four years unless it is canceled, and it the cost for the first eight months is $7.8 million; it remains unclear if that cost will rise over the coming months and years, though with the way things work in Washington, and with _____ and his Cabinet and family spending our money as if it were their own, I can see the costs rising.

And all because some people told Betsy to “Go Away” and the Department of Education, under the leadership of Betsy DeVos, declared that those protestors were a threat to Betsy DeVos.

DeVos is a multi-millionaire who bought her Cabinet position supports charter schools and plans to lower funding for public education because, you know, keep the kids dumb and they’ll grow up Republican.

Just sayin’.


mistress maddie said...

I read that and of course was extremely applaud. As you know, I hate her even more than trump. She is vile. I say cut the funds for this and let that old bitch to the wolves.

the dogs' mother said...


Dave R said...

Do you think she really cares if "We the People" pay for her security?

Theresa Young said...

We're paying for his daughter to block the streets so her kids can play, we're paying for his wife to stay in New York, (although, quite frankly I think that is where she truly wants to be...anywhere but with him) and were paying for this woman, because she can't face the teachers that actually teach. And this is what the Trump voter wanted?

anne marie in philly said...

bitch should be paying for her own security if she's that chickenshit pussified!

mistress maddie said...

Anne Marie is right. The Cee U Next Tuesday woman is , after all a billionaire.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I pity the next democratic president who has to dig the country out of THIS Republican debt... if we survive this presidency.

Sadie J said...

Mitchell is Moving is right- this mess is going to take forever to clean up. Probably need to just wipe away everything and start over!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Perhaps she should get her brother's goons to 'protect' her?