Thursday, April 06, 2017

Meaningless Gesture By Meaningless President

Remember when _____ said he’d donate his salary because he’s just so rich he doesn’t need the coins? And then he didn’t donate a penny?

Well, this week, to his credit ... I’m almost choked on those words ... President _____ announced that he’s donating the first installment of his salary to the National Parks Service. 

Wait ... what?

Yup, he is giving the National Park Service a $78,333.32 donation, in what could be construed as a generous gesture were it not for the fact that _____’s own budget proposal calls for cutting $1.5 BILLION from the Department of the Interior, which operates the National Parks Service.

So, he’s taking away BILLIONS but donating THOUSANDS and he wants anyone to believe this is a good thing? Well, no one does, least of all the Sierra Club:
“If Donald _____ is actually interested in helping our parks, he should stop trying to slash their budgets to historically low levels. This publicity stunt is a sad consolation prize as _____ tries to stifle America’s best idea.”
And what a stunt it was; at a press briefing this week, _____’s spokestool Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer made a yuuuuuuge display of handing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke the $78,333.32 check with _____’s abnormally large signature, written by his oh so tiny hands, displayed prominently.

The donation amounts to about one quarter of his annual presidential salary and is also .005% of the amount he cut from the Interior Department budget so, yeah, it’s another meaningless gesture by this meaningless president.

And luckily the media didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. Time Magazine reporter Zeke Miller, in light of the donation, asked Spicer if Trump was also considering reimbursing taxpayers for travel and security expenses for his weekend escapades to Mar-a-Lago.

Spicer was not amused.

Neither are the American people, Sean.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hmmm, laugh? Hmmm, cry? Take your pick.

the dogs' mother said...


Anonymous said...

What is that, about a buck fifty per park?


anne marie in philly said...

so fucking generous of the dump - NOT!

John Gray said...

He's a sad fuck my mother would say

Biki Honko said...

Betcha he is confused as to why he didn't get more pats on the back for donating his salary to the Park Service. He is clueless in every aspect of life.

Mitchell is Moving said...

How does one say thank you for such "generosity"? ... Oh, yeah, one doesn't!

Helen Lashbrook said...

No doubt the donation will mean that he gets a tax rebate! Der Trumpenfuhrer is not one to give money for nothing!