Monday, April 03, 2017

Ford Calls Out _____ For Another Lie

Poor Donald _____, the guy just can’t catch a break; either he Tweets out nasty stories about Alec and Meryl, or he Tweets out lies about his predecessor; either he acts surprised to have learned about Frederick Douglass, though he is more surprised to learn that Douglass has been dead for a hundred years, or he tells a roomful of powerful women that he’s surprised they’ve heard of Susan B. Anthony.

Or .... he takes credit for something he had nothing to do with, like this...

The Ford Motor Company announced last week that it will invest $9 billion in facilities across the United States, including three facilities in job-starved Michigan that will manufacture the new Ford Ranger and Bronco models.

Good, right? Bringing jobs to the heartland!

And _____ wasted no time taking to Twitter to raise one of his tiny hands and pat himself on his back fat, or fat back, as if he is responsible for Ford’s decision:
“Big announcement by Ford today. Major investment to be made in three Michigan plants. Car companies coming back to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!”
And yet there was one teensy-weensy little thing Hair Furor forgot ... the deal was brokered under President Obama, and Ford took to the media to set the record straight:
“While _____ was quick to take credit for the investment ... all three projects were in the works well before _____ took office — the largest, involving an $850 million assembly plant investment, approved as part of a deal with the United Auto Workers Union in 2015.”— Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of the Americas
Of that $9 billion in U.S. investment, 95% is part of the 2015 agreement struck between Ford and the UAW, with $350 million in additional investments, and $200 million of that been set aside for a data center, not for facilities that will create the kind of manufacturing jobs _____ promised his base.

So, it’s another _____ lie, stacked on top of the lie he ran on, that America was a ‘disaster’ under Obama and only _____ could fix it ... except that he didn’t.

Obama did this.

And, as noted on the Occupy Democrats page, many of the jobs that this major investment by Ford will create aren’t expected to be filled until 2019 and who knows, with _____ being investigated for possible treason, which President will take credit for Obama’s deal.


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This guy must have invested in flame-proof pants.

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It's is driving me nuts he is getting away with all this.

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