Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Will The Haters Ever Learn?

Poor Chick-Fil-Antigay.
See, once you admit to donating your customer’s money to homophobia and bigotry and intolerance, well, people start to think maybe you aren’t so nice.
Go figure.
The fast food company's perception with fast food eaters nationwide has taken a significant hit in most regions of the US, including the South where most of its restaurants are located, since president and COO Dan Cathy made his ‘we like everybody but we don’t want equality for The Gays’ remarks a couple of weeks ago.
Now, in the Midwest, sadly, right after Cathy spoke, Chick-Fil-Antigay's perception jumped up for a week, though it has since returned to where it was before the bigot spoke. But, as the controversy grows, and mayors of major cities, like Boston and Chicago, and politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, speak out about the company, Chick-fil-Antigay’s overall consumer brand health with fast food eaters has dropped to its lowest levels since mid-August 2010. And it also marks the first time Chick-Fil-Antigay has sunk below the fast food consumer perception average of the top QSR restaurant chains.
Let’s review: on July 16th the day the Baptist Press published its Dan Cathy interview, Chick-Fil-Antigay's Index score was 65—about 19 points above the average score that day of 46. But, just four days later, Chick-Fil-Antigay had fallen to 47 score, three points below the average score that day of 50. Last week, Chick-Fil-Antigay had a 39 score compared to the average score of 43.
Just goes to show you that homophobia, while it is covered under Free Speech, isn’t really good business.
Too bad Dan Cathy didn’t know that before he opened his yap.


Tamayn Irraniah said...

The worst part is that as the CEO of a pretty successful chain of fast food restaurants, he really should have known better. Would you trust this man to run your company if this is the demonstration of his decision making capabilities?

Mitchell is Moving said...

Such great news. I'm glad I never ate there in the first place!

Anonymous said...

They knew this was going to happen. They're a private company and do not have to answer to investors like hedge fund managers. They stuck to their beliefs, and now their bottom line will pay for it.

If this is how they want to run their company, let them. Let the free market dictate they don't make as many sales and perhaps they'll stop expanding their hate to places like mine.

Wonder Man said...

That's a cute ad

Peter said...

Hit them where it hurts most, in the wallet!

Ginger BlogMan said...

This is great, am glad that haters are feeling the repercussions of their behavior. Really is no need for it in this day and age. Love is love.