Friday, August 10, 2012

I Didn't Say It ....

Rob Halford, openly gay heavy metal rock star, on Chick-fil-Antigay:
"Everybody in this country has the right to say what they think and feel and what best represents them. The people at Chick-fil-A have the absolute right to say and do what they want. It doesn’t matter that all of these people disagree with their opinion. The question was how would the people that agree with what that man said do to support the company and how would the ones against his anti-gay remarks protest. What you’re seeing here are the elements of the American Constitution in all of their glory. It’s a wonderful thing to see happening and talk about and the fact that everyone is discussing the gay rights issue is great. I don’t think that man thought too much about the business consequences of what he said, but I think he was standing for what he believes in. I don’t agree with him at all, but God bless the man. It’s as simple as that."

I, for one, agree with Rob.
Dan Cathy should be able to say what he wants, and believe what he wants, and we, the LGBT community and our allies, have those same rights. Like talking about Chick-fil-Antigay and their homophobic, hateful donations, and asking our allies to stop eating there.
Kiss-ins and graffiti aren’t the answer; they just draw more intention to Chick-fil-Antigay.
Stop eating there, and ask your friends to do the same.

Elton John, raging yet again about Madonna:
"Why is she such a nightmare? Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn't happen to a bigger cunt. If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like Ray Of Light and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to go and prove... she looks like a fucking fairground stripper. She's been horrible to Gaga."

Nothing worse than seeing a sixty-something fading queen dissing a fifty-something fading pop star. It’s like watching two twelve-year-old girls duke it out on Facebook.
It’s entertaining to a point and then it just gets old.

Bill Donohoe, Catholic League douchenozzle, on Mittsy Romney's lack of response on Chick-fil-Antigay:
"This is the most disheartened that certainly I’ve felt looking at this entire race. Social conservatives have to make up their mind whether they should just simply stay at home, or go out there and vote for Romney. I’m astonished that he couldn’t even come to grips with the question—leaving gays out of it—do we want the chief executives, the mayors of large cities trying to intimidate, using the power of government against private enterprises whose politics they disagree with? I think it’s a pretty simple issue. No one’s going to be allowed to speak at any great length on this issue [at the GOP convention]. All we’re going to hear is that marriage is between a man and a woman. That’s flatulent."

Boo-freaking-hoo. Mittsy didn’t get all hate and stuff for Billy Boy.

Pat Robertson, on the Democratic Party's decision to put marriage equality in its platform: 
"About 2% of the population are homosexual, 1% of the population is lesbian. That’s a tiny group and every time this initiative has been brought to the ballot where the people have a chance to vote they vote overwhelmingly in favor of traditional marriage. For the Democrats to go out on that limb, it just seems like to me that they are further alienating themselves from the mainstream of America. If that’s what they want to do, fine, but it will mean the death knell of their party, it seems like to me, and of course that’s what they’re doing but maybe they have a death wish."
STFU Pat. You are the one who is out of touch. The tide is changing, just like the tide changed on every single other Civil Right of our time, and one day, soon, I hope, you’ll be sitting there, still on the wrong side, whining.
PS We're about 10% of the population. Sorry to tell you.....

Mittsy Romney, leaving a hardware store in New Hampshire and telling the crowd what he bought:
"Hardware stuff."

In related news, this out-of-touch 1-percenter, when leaving a grocery store said he’d bought groceries, and when leaving a drug store said he’d purchased drugs.
Moron. He couldn’t even take two seconds to look down at the bucket in his hand and see what his team had put in it for him.

Michelangelo Signorile, on the Chick-fil-Antigay flap:
"Some are saying we lost the battle with Chick-fil-A, even calling it a dismal failure. I don't believe any effort to point to homophobia is ever in vain, so I wouldn't go that far. When you're fighting bigotry, it's always an uphill battle. That said, there were problems with the strategy—or or rather, lack of strategy—in taking on Chick-fil-A. We allowed the opponents of LGBT rights to use the media to recast the issue as one about the first amendment….So yes, our enemies distorted our message and reframed the story. And we allowed them to do it....How did we allow it to happen? Because there was no coordinated effort on our side. The controversy was largely driven by blogs, social media and very loosely organized grass-roots activists, with no coordinated leadership. The city mayors and politicians calling for banning Chick-fil-A gave an opportunity for the right to reframe the story. The mayors backed off quickly after many on the left decided it wasn't a good idea….the damage was done. And there was no leadership on our side aggressively pulling the story back from the right's re-framing." 

Here’s the deal: read what Rob Halford said.
Dan Cathy has the same rights we do. Instead of railing against Chick-fil-Antigay, Don’t.Eat.There. With all the foot-stomping and the huffing and puffing and the kiss-ins, the focus turned away from the fact that the owners of Chick-fil-Antigay take the money that Americans spend in their stores and donate it to homophobic, anti-LGBT groups and we should just stop giving them our money.

Mika, British pop star, in 2009:
"I've never ever labeled myself. But having said that; I've never limited my life, I've never limited who I sleep with. So, whatever….Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me...There are ways of being a role model without having to always having to establish yourself with a label. Let's say if you're a 16-year-old guy, and you're not sure about your sexuality, you should be as free as you want...Having a role model who makes you feel like it's alright to do whatever you want, without the pressure of a label, I think that's a good thing as well. I think there's a million different ways to do it, there isn't only one. And I hope I'm right."
Mika, British pop star, today:
“If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah. Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. And it’s only through my music that I’ve found the strength to come to terms with my sexuality beyond the context of just my lyrics. This is my real life.”

It’s a process. Some folks need to take that baby step of not really being gay, but maybe just being open to a same-sex relationship, before they can fully admit, to themselves, and ultimately, to the world, that they are gay.
Welcome out, all the way, Mika.

Rush Limbaugh, fat-assed, drug-addicted, many times married blowhard, on the Chick-fil-Antigay flap:
"Now Christianity has to be banned, and that’s where this is all headed. All this stuff at Chick-fil-A, the target is Christianity, not Chick-fil-A. The target is freedom of religion. [With] Obama and Obamacare, the target is always freedom. When we’re talking about liberals, the target is always freedom. Dan Cathy, the head honcho of Chick-fil-A, he’s not making a political statement when he talks about the values the company believes in. It gets interpreted that way because the left has politicized gay marriage."

Um, Rush? You delusional gasbag. I never heard one single gay man or woman talk about the Christianity of Dan Cathy being the problem. We talked about how un-Christ-like he is for taking money from us and the giving it to anti-gay groups.
Don’t try and turn this argument to one about faith, because it isn’t about that.
And don't try to say it's about marriage equality.
It’s about funding homophobia and hate.
Plain and simple.
And that isn’t in the Bible, by the way.

Linda Harvey, "Christian" hate-monger, on the lifting of the ban on HIV+ people entering the US:
"The [2012 AIDS] conference was taking place in the U.S. for the first time in twenty-two years. Why? Because HIV-positive individuals had been banned from entering the U.S. but the Obama administration lifted that travel and immigration ban in 2009. So HHS Secretary Sebelius, ‘the HIV entry ban was a bad policy based on faulty science that ran contrary to America’s deepest values.’ She’s wrong, once again. Reckless sexual behavior is not a deep American value, except perhaps in Washington. The ban was a response to reality and the known attraction of some would-be immigrants to the U.S.’s liberal homosexual culture in certain cities. Opening our ports to HIV-positive people just invites an acceleration of the epidemic."

Oh, Linda, the epidemic has accelerated in the years of the ban. Women, Linda, are the most susceptible to contracting HIV these days. Southern women. The spread of HIV was never contained because we placed a ban on HIV persons entering this country; all that did was make the United States, the oh-so-progressive United States, look like some moronic, fearful country.
PS The move to lift the ban, while it occurred under the Obama administration, was actually started under the Bush administration. Yes, W started this, and he and his administration deserves our thanks for this one.

Howard Stern, on Chick-fil-Antigay:
"I don't really care what the political beliefs are of a corporation...When you’re in business, you don’t want to turn off anybody. It’s the smart way to do business, because while I’m not gay, I do support gay marriage... Because really what the guy is saying is 'oh sure anyone can eat here but our money and our beliefs are that anyone who wants to be married who is gay is wrong'. Now that's a pompous statement for a guy who makes chicken for a living....Don’t come out as a corporation against anybody. OK, if you want to come out against Hitler, I’ll back you on that. But, just keep your mouths shut."



anne marie in philly said...

I don't get the elton/madonna sniping either. both have not had a hit in years. perhaps they are jealous of la gaga. whatever. SO high school, BOTH of them!

the dogs mother said...

Elton John, really, would you tolerate your son talking about a girl at school like that??

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Really Elton? You're one to talk. And what do you have to say for yourself by taking money from Rush Limbaugh to play at his last wedding party? Explain how you could take money from Rush Limbaugh and waste your talents on him and his ilk maybe I'll listen.