Thursday, August 09, 2012

Random Musings

My final word. I hope.
See, here’s my deal: Dan Cathy can be anti-LGBT. He has the right. He has the right to speak that thought and he has the right to give his money to groups that promote that thought, no matter how hate-filled I think they might be…and they are that hate-filled.
So, we protest right? We use our voices to tell people that Chick-fil-Antigay takes the money we spend on chicken and donates it to hate. That’s the good fight.
The bad fight is a kiss-in. What the hell did that do, except make it look like The Gays just wanted to go all kissy in the restaurant? What did the spraying of graffiti on a franchise do except make us look like vandals?
You wanna make a difference against a company that takes your money and spends it on hate? Stop.Eating.There. Stop giving them your money. Tell your friends and family and co-workers about their homophobia, but when you do kiss-ins and spray-paint their buildings all you do is give them more press.
Just stop.

Funny Tweet:

So there’s a new study that says homosexuality is in the eyes.
Well, the study says that sexual orientation can be detected by looking at the pupils of our eyes:
For the first time, researchers at Cornell University used a specialized infrared lens to measure pupillary changes to participants watching erotic videos. Pupils were highly telling: they widened most to videos of people who participants found attractive, thereby revealing where they were on the sexual spectrum from heterosexual to homosexual.
Let me get this queer. This study found that they could tell I’m a big old queen because my eyes get wide when watching male-on-male porn?

Dan Vickery
Okay, I said I would probably never recap HGTV Shopping Design Star, and I will be holding true to that. 
But then HGTV goes and broadcasts something called Design Star: All Stars and, while I won’t be recapping I will be watching.
But….Hilari from the season that just ended is an all star? How does that happen? Bitch came in third place so how does that make her an all star? 
Sparkle Josh is an all star? Just by the fact that he calls himself Sparkle Josh means he shouldn't be on TV.
I think HGTV just sent out a mass mailing to anyone who’d ever been on the show and asked them to come back and the first six respondents got the invite.
Tom Vecchione
Still, Dan Vickery, who just missed winning in season four is back, and HGTV is kind enough to focus a great deal of attention, and camera time, to his cute little butt. It’s like they read my mind. And then they go and add some Mad Men-esque, Tom Vecchione, from season 5, and suddenly I cannot look away.
Little, muscular Tom and tall, lanky, sexy Dan.
Must see HGTV.
Must see Hot HGTV.

Funny Tweet:

The hot mess GOP convention. The Ron Paulettes threaten all sorts of fun, and now the party has come up with their list of speakers.
The good news? No Sarah Palin, because even her own party knows she a dimwit and an asshat and basically an illiterate fool. But, they have asked Grampa John McCain, who was oh-so-not successful four years ago against Barack Obama, so I expect he’ll do a little whining, and little backtracking on his Mittsy loathing.
And they’ve even offered a top spot to our own little Tea Party darling, South Carolina Governor, Nikki ‘I’m So Transparent’ Haley, who never met a lie she didn’t want to repeat, and Mike ‘Batshit Crazy’ Huckabee, one of the biggest rightwingnuts in the group; if you don’t count Florida’s Governor/Criminal Rick Scott.
It’s the GOP convention, people, or as I call it, Pander-To-The-Tea-Party-Palooza.

The Illinois Family Institute, the former home of Peter LaBarbera, has issued a call for parents to pull their kids out of the classes of liberal, or gay, teachers.
I see nothing wrong with that. I mean, years back my parents went to the school and pulled me out of classes taught by conservatives—
Oh, wait. That didn’t happen. See, my parents simply wanted the teachers who were best at teaching things like readin’, writin’, and arithmetic.
Gay or straight.
Thanks Mom and Dad for not being bigots.


lacochran's evil twin said...

LOVE those tweets!

the dogs mother said...

We loves Dan Vickery too.
But gee whiz - only $25k and an *appearance* on an HGTV show??
For an All Star? It was like they had this spot of time, no idea what to do with it and then exclaimed, "All Star!!" And they never promo-ed it during the last DS series.

anne marie in philly said...

I'd do dan vickery! :)

every day I get more discouraged that there are more asshats born into this world than intelligent folks.

then I read my fave blogs and know that there are people out there who mean what they say and who try to bring a bit of sanity to this insane country.