Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wyoming Fails Add Discrimination To Their Constitution

It looks like the latest winter storm dumped more than snow on Wyoming it also dropped in a little common sense.

That proposed amendment to the Wyoming Constitution that would specify the state not recognize same-sex marriages performed anywhere else on the entire planet died last week when it missed a procedural deadline in the state Legislature.

House Majority Floor Leader, Republican Tom Lubnau, said he didn't want to spend hours of floor time debating a bill that didn't have the votes to pass. Um, yeah, sounds nice, Tom, but why not say that you don't want to debate a bill that adds discrimination to the state Constitution?

However, there is still another bill pending that would change Wyoming law to specify that the state would only recognize marriages between one man and one woman. See, currently, Wyoming law specifies marriage is only between a man and a woman, but it also says that Wyoming will recognize valid marriages performed in other states.

Proponents of the both marriage bills have said Wyoming needs to clarify its law now that same-sex marriages are being performed in other states, because, you know, they don't want Iowa homo couples, or Massachusetts homo couples, or Canadian homo couples, coming to their state. 

I mean, how would that look?


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R.J. said...

What's there to clarify? They already recognize marriages from out of state no matter who they're between.