Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Letters! We Get Letters!

A week ago I posted a story of two Tennessee wingnuts, Stacey Campbell and Bill Dunn, who wanted to introduce legislation to ban schools from discussing or mentioning homosexuality; it was the Don't Say Gay bill--see post HERE.

Well, most folks saw this for what it was, and is, discrimination based on sexual orientation. yet someone who didn't see that, and probably won't, ever, is Carolyn, who stopped by to leave a comment, which I'd like to discuss. 

Now, in the interests of fairness, Carolyn was neither rude, or hateful, though, well, she was bigoted and wrong. So here's Carolyn--and I also applaud her use of something other than Anonymous:
I'm thankful for people who are willing to speak up about the gay agenda. These politians [sic] who are working to keep moral issues a priority, deserve our praise instead of this dirt I have read.
Wake up people! Our youth of today are being destroyed by the homosexual agenda! This lifestyle is being pushed into our public schools and universities like a raging fire! This is the "crumbling" of our society!
Okay, well then, lets talk. And I am going to try and refrain from using some of my more, shall we say, colorful lingo.

Carolyn, honey, there is no such thing as the "gay agenda" unless, by that, you mean we'd like a little equality. Only straight people, living in fear and ignorance and intolerance, speak of a gay agenda. We don't want to rule the world, unless we are Democratically elected to do so, and we don't want to change your mind about homosexuality.

You think it's wrong, good for you. That's your right.

But then you blame us for immorality, when there is plenty of blame to go around, on each end of sexuality spectrum and right on through the middle.

And since when are our elected officials supposed to be our morality police? And whose morals should we follow? Yours? Mine? The politicians? Morality is a personal thing and cannot, or should not, be legislated.

You say the youth of America, and probably the world because, we're here, we're queer, and we're everywhere, is being destroyed by the "gay agenda". Um, Carolyn, honey, please to explain HOW. See, I'm always hearing conservatives and religious zealots saying these things and yet they never explain How.

So, again, HOW am I destroying the youth of the world because I'm a gay man.

And you say that society is crumbling because of homosexuality, yet you again don't say HOW. I gather you aren't Michelle Bachmann, or are you, but just because you say something over and over doesn't make it true. It makes it kinda sad and pathetic, and very Bachmann-0like.

I wonder if you know any gay people, or have seen what gay people have contributed to society in every area from the arts to politics to education to sports to religion since the very beginning of time, oftentimes living closeted lives out of fear of people like you. I don't think we're "crumbling"society, i think we are helping our straight brothers and sisters build it up, make it better, freer, more equal.

Still, like I said, you don't have to like The Gays, and can say whatever you want about us. 

But, understand this, when you say the things you say, you aid and abet those people who want to deny human beings, human beings, equality.

When you say the things you say, you feed into the minds of people who choose to deny us housing and employment and freedom, things, I'm guessing, you take for granted.

When you say the things you say, you make someone think it's okay to throw a slur at one of us, or a rock at us, or a fist.

When you say the things you say, you make is okay for people to beat us, bash us, murder us, for being gay.

You have the right to your opinion, like I have mine, only, funny enough, my opinion helps protect you and yours, while yours leads to discrimination, inequality, beatings and even death.

Whoosh, I feel better.

And I didn't say fucktard once!


David Dust said...

Carolyn: You're a dimwit fucktard douchenozzle who is dumber than a box of hair.

There, I said it so you don't have to.


froggy said...

It was David who introduced me to the word 'douchenozzle' and started me down the road to ruin...

Seriously, have two gay aunts and aunts-in-law, it is amazing how I escaped crumbling - it sounds painful.

Miss Lisa said...

She is the voice of ignorance and paranoia and you are the voice of compassion and reason. Generally, the majority of people will agree with the reasonable approach, if only to avoid a miserable life of fear and loathing. Let's switch the term to "anti-gay agenda" because that's what's really going on with the far right.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to start calling you professor!

Mind Of Mine said...

Brav 'FUCKING' o!

You are my new hero!

R.J. said...

Today's agenda:

Answer email
Lift weights
Go to work
Put in my eight hours
Go for a walk in the neighborhood

What's so gay about that agenda?