Monday, November 29, 2010


Doddering old fool, and out-of-touch-asshat, John McCain said the only reason the DADT repeal is such a hot button issue in Washington is because a president...oops, a presidential candidate used it as an issue to pander to the public for votes in 2008.
Kind of like some doddering old asshat who took all of five minutes to pick the most unqualified person on the planet to be his running mate because she was a woman and he thought Hillary voters would go for the Mama Grizzly Bore.....but I digress.
McCain is saying again and again, everywhere he gets a microphone, or what looks like a microphone, shoved in his face that DADT is not necessarily damaging to the military because it only discriminates against fags and dykes so, really, what's the problem? I mean, it's not like picking on the Jews or the's gays. Who cares?
Note to John McCain: Retire already you useless gasbag. You cannot get over the fact that America chose Barack Obama over you, so quit already, like your esteemed VP choice in Alaska, and go back to Arizona and write a book. Or get yourself a delusional reality show. 

Then we have South Carolina asshat senator, perhaps deeply closeted--oh, who am I kidding, there is no perhaps--Lindsay Graham, who never met an anti-gay bandwagon he didn';t want to high-kick behind in sequins and feathers.
See, Miss Lindsay agrees with McCain--so maybe there's a little man crush happening there--and has taken to saying that there is no call for the repeal of DADT, it's all just politics started by Senator Obama.
Um, Lindsay, it's President Obama, bitch.
And it isn't political, it's equality. Dumbass.

And then speaking of Obama, he was asked by doddering--I am enjoying the use of the word doddering--old TV legend Babara Walters about Mama Grizzly Bore's assertion that she believes she can beat him in the 2012 election. Obama hemmed and hawed and swerved away from answering, until he finally uttered the QUOTE OF THE WEEK when he said:
"I don't think about Sarah Palin."
Thank you, Mister President.

Leslie Nielsen has died, and I can't think of anyone who doesn't remember his performances in Airplane or The Naked Gun or Police Squad without laughing. I mean, surely you can't think about Nielsen and his long, varied career, and end up with thoughts of his comic work and not giggle.
And don't call me Shirley.

I keep reading these, um, reviews throughout the blogopshere of Burlesque and I have to giggle. People are acting like it was mesant to be a Chekhov play or the great American novel brought to the screen and are angry that it was a piece of fluff.
It was burlesque and Cher and sequins and Cher and glitter and Cher and songs and Cher and dancing and Cher and Christina and Cher and Cam Gigandet's ass and Cher and Tucci's chest hair and Cher and Cher.
What did you expect?
It was meant to be fun and frivolous and lighthearted.
Not Sophie's Choice 2.

Now, perhaps someone smarter than I can help me with this one. And I know you're out there because I can hear you all breathing.
The Portland bomber situation.
I understand that the FBI or Homeland Security or one of those agencies was in on this thing for years, and worked undercover for years to get this crazy kid, Mohamed Osman Mohamud.
What i don't get is why they waited to arrest him until after he called his cell phone hoping to detonate the bomb-that-wasn't-really-a-bomb? I mean, couldn't he have been arrested for making his terrorist threats to undercover agents? Couldn't he have been arrested for buying and making, or buying and having some one make, a bomb--even if it wasn't a real bomb? Could he have been arrested for taking his car to the plaza with the fake bomb in it?
I just think so many things could have gone wrong while the FBI or Homeland Security or the Keystone Kops were working with this lunatic.

And, since I am being so good with the segues today, the people responsible for setting the fire at the mosque where Mohamed Osman Mohamud worshipped are terrorists, too.
I mean, is there really any difference between trying to set off a bomb in a public square filled with people and setting fire to a mosque where people are praying?
I hope they catch the sons-of-bitches who think they are being pro-American and set them up in a cell alongside Mohamed Osman Mohamud for the rest of their lives.


froggy said...

Portland is the most innocuous city in the country. It has always had an inferiority complex being sandwiched between Seattle and San Francisco. I guess they entered the big leagues now. Kind of.

Wonder Man said...

I loved when Obama said that