Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I haven't talked about this whole TSA scanning mess because, well, everyone else was doing it, and doing just fine. But now, since it's the story that won't die, and since there is an ALLEGED plot to shut down the system tomorrow, the biggest travel day of the year, by having everyone ask for the pat down, I thought I'd throw in my two-cents. So, here there are:
Build a fucking bridge and get over it.
Seriously. If you're that worried about you scanned image being seen, and laughed at, or titillating a TSA agent, then opt out and go for the pat down. If you are that worried about the pat down, that a TSA agent might touch your junk, or that you might get a little aroused, then opt out of that and find the nearest bus station, train  station, or car rental agency and travel unscanned and unfondled to your heart's content.
See, I think the people that are the most enraged are actually people who don't fly often. And I think the people that fly often are more upset about any added delay rather than a scan and a hand job. As for this National Opt Out Day, do you really think the airlines are going to hold flights because everyone is getting a TSA massage? No; you'll just miss your flight and bitch about that.
Grow a pair, or strap a pair on.
One more thing, the very people complaining about this invasion of privacy are the very same people who would file a lawsuit against an airline if a family member died as a result of a terrorist attempt on board a plane.

Well, it looks like Grampa McCain might have to eat his words. According to the Pentagon there were no discharges under Don't Ask, Don't Tell last month. And there were no stories of a lack of unit cohesion or morale or gays hitting on guys in the shower.
Grampa? You're old. You're out of touch.

I still get the giggles when I think of Mama Grizzly Bore's assertion that she believes she can beat Barack Obama in 2012. I mean, does she think they'll be competing on Dancing With The Stars or something? I just read a new poll that, while it shows that some 49% think Obama shouldn't run for reelection, it shows that if he did, he'd beat The Bore by about 8-percentage points.
I believe she can run, back to Alaska to find more ways to scam the American people out of their hard earned dollars by "writing" another book.
Sidenote: Mama Grizzly Bore says she won't ever do another interview with Katie Couric because Katie is biased against her because she asked tough questions about the Constitution and what books or newspapers MGB reads. And then MGB goes on to say that she got a degree on communications from one of the many colleges she attended before finally graduating, so she knows how to be a good journalist. She knows how to ask the Who, What, Where, Where, Why and How questions.....she just doesn't know how to answer them.

The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has recently added a couple of mare na\mes to their list of hate groups. and they are: the Family Research Council and the American Family Association.
Yes, these two morally superior organizations that preach to know what's best for this country are now listed as hate groups.
Sounds about right.


froggy said...

Eldest doesn't have a TV so has missed all the hoopala. Due to his collapsing lung surgeries he has had literally hundreds of xrays. So I told him not to go thru the machine (when he fies home this week) and opt for the enhanced pat down. He says 'what?!?!' So I had to explain to him the meaning of the word 'enhanced' LOLOLOL 'gawd, mom!!!'

R.J. said...

I'm glad the SPLC finally had to cajones to do what it should have done years ago. Both of those groups are hate groups.

Biki said...

You are right McCain needs to go home and stay there. He is so very out of touch.

SPLC should have picked them up as hate groups a long time ago. Now, if we can just get the main stream press talking about it. AND to refuse to let any of their "experts" come on their shows as one of the talking heads. If they do still invite them how about making it clear that they are considered a hate group?

Dan said...

You know how I feel about National Opt Out Day. If you dont want to go through security, then opt your ass out of flying.

Mccain = schmuck.

Love the fact that Barbara Bush told Paling to go to Alaska and stay there.