Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Ain't One To Gossip, But.......

I hate when people say bad things about my friends, and I am one to speak up when it happens. So, ALLEGEDLY, is former Who's The Boss? star Tony Danza.
Trouble is, Tony took aim at a priest in regards to his friend. And, Tony took aim at the priest during his friend's funeral.
I know!
Danza was ALLEGEDLY very tense during the November 11th ceremony memorializing writer Philip Carlo, and right in the middle of the eulogy, he, again, ALLEGEDLY out on the priest.
A witness, and by witness, I mean gravedigger, says:
"Tony, who was one of Carlo's closest friends, walked right up to the priest and said angrily, 'Excuse me, but this is not about you. It's supposed to be about my friend, and if you can't do that, maybe you should let someone else speak!'"
The priest, naturally, was visibly disturbed by Danza's outburst.
The source goes on:
"People were stunned, while the priest was visibly shaken. He tried talking about Carlo before quickly wrapping things up. Danza took over and eulogized Carlo with memories from their younger days."
I guess if you're a friend of Danza's, it's to the grave and beyond.

I hate to be cynical, but he was a professional athlete, and isn't this what they do in the off-season.
Eva Longoria Parker, soon to nix the Parker, has filed for divorce from her husband, Tony "the Cheater"Parker, amid ALLEGATIONS that he cheated on her....with the wife of a friend.
Uh huh, I know.
It seems that Eva ALLEGEDLY discovered hundreds of sexy text messages between Tony Parker and Erin Barry, the wife of Parker's former San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry, and that was the straw that broke the Desperate Housewife's back.
And, while she was furious, she had apparently decided to make the announcement of their split alongside her husband, at the same press conference, but changed her mind because, as they say, "Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned."
Eva decided to file early, leaving Tony out in the cold, facing the media. And Eva didn't stop at simply announcing the split, she was also the one who told of the ALLEGED affair.
Now, to give Tony's side, he denies any affair with Barry, though he does admit to having a textual encounter with her over and over and over again. Parker ALLEGEDLY ended his flirtation with Barry months before it became public knowledge, but Eva Longoria is still enraged.
Like I said, "Hell hath no fury......."

Michael Jackson's youngest brother, Randy, took to Twitter to rant and rage about Michael's 'first' posthumous album, which many people other than Randy, find a bit shady.

In a massive TwitStorm, Randy attacked Sony Records, the rift between the Jackson family and the executors of Michael's estate, and, most directly, the new record, 'Michael,' dropping next month.
"I became suspicious about the album, when I heard when armed guards were involved since my brother's passing, may he rest in peace. John McClain [executor of MJ's estate along with John Branca] insisted that no family members were allowed at his studio where the project was being completed. My first thought was, what are they trying to hide?"
Rumors are swirling that what is being hidden is the fact that the Michael Jackson 'recordings'are not Michael Jackson, but a sound-alike.
Randy isn't the first Jackson to express skepticism or anger over the posthumous release. LaToya Jackson--"who, as we all know, is very shy about speaking out--says: That doesn't sound like him." And then two of Michael's nephews, Tarryl and TJ, have both bashed Sony and cast doubts about the recordings.
Tarryl Tweeted: "I will not support 'Breaking News' [the ALLEGED first single] and a few others because it simply is not him. I KNOW my Uncle's voice and something's seriously wrong when you have immediate FAMILY saying it's not him. Sounding like Michael Jackson and BEING Michael Jackson are two different things."
But making money off Michael Jackson when he's dead is a whole other matter.
In what might have been the most shocking elimination in a show I have never seen, never will see, and yet can't seem to avoid, Brandy and dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were sent home on this week, while Teatard Darling, and Mama Grizzly Bore offspring and abstinence preaching unwed single mom, Blister Palin and her partner remained.
Maksim Chmerkovskiy isn't too happy about it, and has revealed his feelings for Blister: "I felt really disappointed with Bristol. On Monday night, I found out that she went on record saying that I said something about her along the lines of, 'I don't like her because she's still here and she's not a good enough dancer.' Every time I've opened my mouth about Bristol, I've been nothing but supportive...[so] for her to come out on Monday night and totally smear my name the way she did, that's just completely uncalled for, " Chmerkovskiy also says the voting system is a bit problematic. "I definitely think that the system is flawed. I think there are a lot of problems with it. I have a lot of friends in the Philadelphia area who couldn't call at all. People here, in front of me, picked up the phone, dialed one time and it said, 'Thank you for voting. You are over your limit....' I think it's just a flawed system."
I think it's a Teatard Conspiracy to sneak the Mama Grizzly Bore into the White House on the heels of her daughter's appearance on a TV dance show.
Hey, it might happen.
And Maksim is definitely not a member of Unwed Single Mom Teatard Dancers Fan Club, because he wants Kyle Massey to win, saying:
And, he's not a Palin.
Sidenote: How come everyone talks about how much weight they lose on this show, and how they are in better shape, yet Blister seems to be getting, well, chunkier? I mean, it looks like she's readying to do The Bump.....The Baby Bump....again.
Oops. I should be careful, before her sister, the Illiterate Willow comes on here and calls me a faggot, because that's how they roll.

Oprah's found yet another way to spend her millions.
And it's going to cost her about 68 million.
It seems that the Big O has been looking for an east coast house suitable for something with an ego the size of, well, her ass, and has found it in New Jersey.
Oprah and her team of handlers took to their three cars last week and stormed a $68-million English manor-style mansion in über exclusive Alpine, New Jersey. The 30,000+ square foot home was built on the grounds of the old Frick Estate.
Oprah had her minions, and by minions I mean her husband Gayle and her beard Steadman, clear the grounds of any workers so Oprah could look through the estate without being bothered by, or setting her eyes upon, common people.
And so the Big O took the long tour of the five-story, nineteen bedroom, twelve bathroom house in piece, without fear of someone asking for an autograph, or a cupcake, because you know Oprah travels with a suitcase filled with cupcakes.
In addition to the nearly twenty bedrooms, the home features walnut and marble floors with Venetian plaster walls, a carriage house, English gardens, a library, ballroom, movie theater, tennis court, saline pool and wine cellar.
Now, you may be asking yourself, as I did, why on earth Oprah needs nineteen bedrooms.
Well, there's the master bedroom for Oprah and Gayle, the beard room for Steadman, and then the remaining seventeen bedrooms can become one guest room, and then a Pie Room, a Cake Room, a Meat Room, a Cured Meat Room, a Cheese Room, a Pastry Room.............and so on................
You know that's how Oprah rolls.


froggy said...

The Teaparty Minions are not doing Bristol any favors. It just sets her up for more grief because it is just so obvious.

R.J. said...

I stopped Dancing With The Stars a few weeks ago once I realized the fix is in. Bristol Palin will win and I'll probably never watch again. Just like The Bachelor.

Joy said...

The show will be over if BP wins. Bet several of the pros & dancetestants wish they could say what they want to about this!