Tuesday, November 03, 2009

We're Here! We're Queer! Yada Yada Yada

Some preliminary census data was released yesterday and it had some interesting things in regarding the LGBT community.

Conservative states, like Utah and Wyoming, are home to some of the highest proportions of gay couples who identify themselves married. It seems that almost 150,000 gay couples call each other husband or wife, despite estimates that only about 32,000 are actually married or in a civil union.

And, in the "Who'da think it?" file, researchers found that gay couples are strikingly similar to straight couples in terms of average age, income and numbers who have children. What? We're no different than straight people except in whom we love? What? This can't be! We can't all want the same things out of life, you know, equality, and the chance to live our lives openly. This cannot be true.

Ah, but it is, Blanche, but it is.

And, not so shocking, Massachusetts and Vermont had the highest proportional numbers of gay couples who were married or considered themselves married; of course, this feels logical since, what is it, oh yeah, marriage equality is the law of the land in those two states. But, after Massachusetts and Vermont, come Hawaii, Utah and Wyoming. And that is good news.

Gay folks are like the American Express card; we're everywhere you want to be.

And we count.


Berry Blog said...

Right under our noses huh? Who'd a thunk is right.

truthspew said...

This is one of the points I frequently bring up. We're no different than straight people with the one exception.

Ever hear of the bell curve? Your majority sits under the bubble, while you have outliers in both directions and that's true of gay and straight populations. I know straight people who swing, and gay people who swing. I know straight people who like their choice of partner, and gay people who do it too.

It is common across all humanity.