Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Called A Sign Of Respect......Look It Up

Our President shows respect for world leaders when visiting their country and the rightwingnuts go craaaaaaaazaaaaaaaay! President Obama's deep bow to Japan's emperor this weekend symbolized a culture clash--no, not East meets West, but Right meets Left. Conservatives asshats, because we have no more pressing issues in this country....economy health care joblessness......went batshit crazy because Obama bowed.

Now, apparently, good manners is out.

Power Line's Scott Johnson: "He means to teach Americans to bow before monarchs and tyrants." Or.....is he merely following protocol? Is he showing respect for other world leaders as we would expect of them if they visited this country?

They're saying that Obama is dishonoring those who fought in WWII by bowing to the son of the man who led Japan during the war. But where is was the outrage when W kissed Arab leaders? Where was the venom when he bowed to the Pope? Where was the outrage when Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito and repeatedly called him and his wife "Your Imperial Majesties"?

Oh, right, they're Republicans, and when they bow it's all right.


Showing respect is never wrong.


Kyle said...

This one pisses me off every time Bob. The hypocrisy you pint out is dead on.

I just try to remember that wingnuts are not as cultured as some, and have no desire to become cultured. They have no idea that respect can be shown ways they are not accustomed to to.

That doesn't make their stupidity and disrespect any more palatable, but it makes it easier to explain there close minded behavior to others.

Dan said...

I am sooo tired of republicans! How quickly their memory fades. How quickly they forget who was in charge and got us into all of this mess to begin with!

Mike, Studio city said...

The Japanese are our friends. I would bow to them. I will never bow my head in prayer, or kneel in front of a cross. Don't get me started.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I think our President understands respect, exceptionally.

Joanne said...

I wanted to scream when I saw this on The Daily Show yesterday (only trusted news show). Absolutely totally RESPECT (sing it Aretha). What scares me most as a Canadian just observing what is happening is the fact I have many dear friends in the US - they are card carrying Conservatives (love them still) but they frikken scare me with some of the things they talk about - shudders. I thank everything I can come to your blog and see some sense of intelligence and reason.