Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paris Hilton Is Suing Mad

And, No, she isn't suing me, although I think she'd like to get a chance to bitch-slap me. Paris Hilton is suing a billboard company because they are using her face to advertise billboard space.

It looks like this:
Now, is this the only way Paris can make money? I mean, the movie career was so bad it didn't even do the Direct To DVD route and instead went the Direct To Recycling Bin path. And the music career? Yeah, don't make me laugh.
So, she has to sue to get money these days. But therein lies the rub. As the plaintiff in a lawsuit she and she alone has the burden of proof. So..........prove the sign wrong Paris. I'll wait.
:::check watch:::
::::tap tap tap:::
:::cough cough:::
:::la la la::::
Didn't think so.


frogponder said...

I thought that was kind of genius!

Michael Rivers said...

With all the crap she's done--THIS is what embarasses her? Interesting.

Dan said...

I laughed my ass off!!!

Mark in DE said...

Pretty clever billboard. But my guess is that she's not suing for money, as she likely has more than even she could ever spend. She's likely suing for unauthorized use of her image. Think about it: would YOU want a company to put up a billboard with the word "asshole" on it and your photo?