Monday, November 30, 2009

It Ain't Broke

Well, another one of those ex-gays is at it again.

Phillip Lee, pastor of the aptly named His Way Out ministries in Bakersfield, California, is telling us that The Gays can change who we are because Phillip Lee changed who he is; he went from being a big old flaming queen to being a big old flaming asshat.

See how that works?

Lee says homosexuals are "sexually broken" and can be led out of the lifestyle through a mixture of counseling and scripture. That's what happened to Lee. After being a practicing homosexual--practicing?--for over 17 years, he found his way out. Or is it in? Yeah. In. And so now Lee conducts one-on-one counseling and organizes support groups out of his downtown Bakersfield office. He says he works with about 100 teens struggling with identity issues both in person and on the Internet, and is a guest speaker at local churches services.

It's amazing to me that people like Lee are still out there, using their own self-loathing to tell the world that gay is wrong and can be changed. Hasn't it been several decades since the American

Psychological Association announced that one cannot change sexual orientation? And yet parents, out of their own sense of shame, are dragging their children to charlatans like Phillip Lee. And those teenagers he ministers to are being fed the lie of self-hatred.

What's worse, being accepting of who you are as a gay person, or being told you're broken and need to be changed? Which course causes the greatest harm?

Phillip Lee is a homosexual--say it Phil, "I'm a big old Liza loving, Castro cruising, showtune singing, boa wearing, man loving queen."--who feels such a sense of shame at being gay that he wants to "cure" other folks of their gayness. Well, Phil, I've got news for you: you aren't changing anyone, least of all yourself. You're a gay man, a pathetic gay man. And you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking there's something wrong with that.


Michael Rivers said...

Very sad and frustrating. A straight friend of mine recently got an email from one of his buddies. This guy's teenage son came out to the family. This guy emailed all his friends and asked if any could recommend one of the camps or clinics to "cure" gayness. It was a mistake to send the email to my friend. His brother is gay. My friend wrote back the appropriate response.

Joy said...

In that case, I guess I've been cured of being heterosexual since I've lost interest due to lack of hormones. Or on another note, let me be the first in line when Stephen Fry gets "cured"! There might be a return of interest.

This is bizarre and criminal. How can Phillip Lee and those others live with themselves? We think we're making progress and then all this!

Kyle said...

I've been broken since I was five? LOL.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is tragic that people, and religions, focus on the broken versus the love that exists.