Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top Chef: Casino Inspiration

So, the Cheftestants were given the task of creating a dish inspired by one of the Las Vegas casinos, and then serve that dish to 175 people on a windy rooftop.
Eli--that's him up there rubbing his hands together like a mad scientist--was given CircusCircus, so he was inspired to make a Peanut-and-Caramel-Apple soup topped with pulverized Popcorn with a large pink ball made of something edible, I hope. Padma called it the worst thing she'd ever eaten. British guest Judge Nigella Lawson also thought it horrid. At judging, as Eli said his concept was good, Judge Tom Colicchio stormed from the table and beat him to a pulp.
Jennifer--who looks like she stumbled into Top Chef from an America's Next Top Model audition--was given the Excalibur casino and she was inspired to have a beer. Seriously. And then some lunch and a show. I think she may have even gotten a room and called up a few hookers, because she pout no effort into her Sword-in-the-stone dish. Nigella couldn't even cut the stone, which Jennifer said was some kind of meat. Hooker meat? Jennifer is taking the quick tumble from one of the favorites to one of the What-am-I-doing-here people.
Robin--who loves wearing nighties and cowboy boots....she's ready for anything--drew the Bellaggio. I instantly thought, Bellaggio....Italian....riach. She immediately got Dale Chihuly sculpture, because there is a giant glass sculpture in the lobby. So, once again, Robin was inspired to create a dish using techniques she'd never used before, and, once again, she failed miserably. Robin continuously talked about showing the judges her food, and yet she only made the kind of food she thought might rival the other [read: better] chefs.
The judges showed Robin how to pack her knives and go.


frogponder said...

Alas I worry for Jen. Have they ever had an all male finale?

Sean said...

I think Eli got lucky. From the comments he had the worst dish in both concept and taste but the judges finally saw that Robin just doesn't have the talent to be there.

I miss the chef that Jen was for the first half and fin it almost painful to she her pain and confusion. come back to us Jen.

TROLL Y2K said...

Jen needs to cut way back on the drinking.

Joy said...

I thought Eli was gone, but Robin earned it, too. All three of them sucked this time. I agree and want the early Jen to return.