Monday, November 19, 2018

Domestic Terrorists Blame _____ For Their Crime

Lawyers for Patrick Stein, Curtis Allen, and Gavin Wright, three members of a Kansas militia group who were convicted of an anti-Muslim hate crime, actually argued in court that their clients should be granted leniency because their violence was incited by … you knew it … _____ and his Hate Speech.

The three men reportedly planned to bomb an apartment building in Kansas that housed a mosque and a large population of Muslim Somali refugees shortly before the 2016 election but were arrested before they could carry out the attack.

And so now their lawyers are asking for leniency using _____’s own words:
“The court cannot ignore the circumstances of one of the most rhetorically mold-breaking, violent, awful, hateful and contentious presidential elections in modern history, driven in large measure by the rhetorical China shop bull who is now our president.”
The lawyers argued that _____’s “rough-and-tumble verbal pummeling” in the 2016 presidential campaign “heightened the rhetorical stakes for people of all political persuasions.” And they cited recent polls showing a surge in anti-Muslim violence since _____’s election as an excuse for why these anti-Muslim asshats don’t deserve a life sentence.

Huh; so the lawyers for a trio of terrorists are arguing that they should be granted leniency in sentencing because the so-called president is an anti-Muslim ass.

I don’t know; I mean, I’ve heard those same words come out of that man’s mouth and yet not once have I opted to kill a Muslim or bomb a mosque, so maybe it wasn’t _____’s words that made you a terrorist maybe it is because they are terrorists who became emboldened by a terrorist in the White House to plan this attack. I mean, if we wanna blame _____ for all the hate in the world, then why aren’t we all haters?

Oh, because many of us don’t hate, and when we hear him speak his Hate Speech, we disgusted and revolted and speak out against it; we don’t follow along like idiotic little sheep.

Best thing to do would be to lock Patrick Stein, Curtis Allen, and Gavin Wright for life, then lose the key, and then each and every one of us who is sickened by this, work our asses off to stop it, and stop _____, and stop every single person who supports him.

By voting; by speaking up; by standing with our Muslim brothers and sisters because, and it's worth repeating, Muslims aren't terrorists ... terrorists are terrorists..


Helen Lashbrook said...

These racists hate others who different in some way and of course the other are not good god-fearin' murderers, in which case they'd get invited to join all the hate groups set up by people infected by the Hater-in-Chief and toe-rags like Baboon....sorry I meant Bannon, someone who apparently interfered in our Brexit vote, although you can imagine what he'd say if we'd tried to interfere in your voting system (cos our name ain't Trumpelstiltskin)

Linda deV said...

I will be repeating just that....again and again.
Muslims aren't terrorists....terrorists are terrorists.

Why do we have to say this? Because we have a small minded person in the white house that has spread a layer of poison thats only anecdote is truth, goodwill and the fostering of community.

the dogs' mother said...

Was only a matter of time before someone
used that line of defense.

Dave R said...

Maybe we can put them in the same cell as Donnie Jr when he gets's jailed for treason.

anne marie in philly said...

uneducated unevolved white males ARE domestic terrorists and the dump encourages them!

Mitchell is Moving said...

And now the American government needs to take action against the giant cheeto and his cronices. And I wish us all luck. It's going to get even uglier I think!