Monday, November 12, 2018

America Under _____: Susan Lamerton's Nazi Halloween

Someone needs to have her license revoked …

Down there in Florida, realtor Susan Lamerton decorated her house for Halloween as some folks are apt to do. But Susan Lamerton is kind of an idiot, or a racist, or a ____ supporter or all three, because she decorated her home in the ever-popular Nazi theme … featuring skeletons saluting Hitler with concentration camp identification numbers on their arms and a Star of David on their chests.

Anti-Semite say what?

The display also featured a sign that read, “Arbeit Macht Frei,” which translates in German to mean, “Work sets you free.” That slogan was on display at the entrance of Auschwitz, other Nazi concentration camps, and Susan Lamerton’s home.
Lamerton … get this … claims to be Jewish and claims her hate-filled, vile display is the result of a fight she’s having with her homeowner’s association. She says she’s been battling them for months over landscaping and so she had no choice but to go Nazi and Hitler loving on them.
America under _____; people decorating their homes to celebrate Nazis the very week that people who shot to death at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Last week’s election should be the start of ending this kind of hate. If Susan Lamerton thinks the way to fight her homeowner’s association is the celebrate Nazis when anti-Semitic crime is on the rise in this country, she needs to be schooled … and then fired.


Helen Lashbrook said...

This woman seems to have serious mental health problems. perhaps she should be treated to a free plane ticket to Poland and a trip round Auschwitz. But if she is that deranged perhaps Lamerton would enjoy looking at the signs of hundreds of thousands of people's suffering. This is beyondg bigotry.

the dogs' mother said...

Her troubles with the homeowners association
over landscaping... yup, I agree with the trip
to Poland.

anne marie in philly said...

cunt needs a stiff boot to the head!

Dave R said...

What a stupid woman. Either she never read the 'rules and regulations' of her 'homeowner's association' or thought she was too special to follow them. The fact that she just shit all over her heritage is something she never took into consideration.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Isn't that how any normal human being would respond to problems over landscaping?!? What a hateful, ignorant, shithead!

jadedj said...

The human scum level is rising rapidly in Amurica [sic].