Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Silvernails

And we’re back to my favorite kind of home …the barn.

This one is located on a hillside on a 120-acre lot—goddess love the privacy—near Rhinebeck, in the Hudson Valley. It is both a barn and a home, of stone and wood and glass and light and views … and a pool.

It’s large, to be sure, but when it’s plunked down in the middle of all that land, it becomes quite small and quite intimate and quite peaceful.



mistress maddie said...

Gonna be hard with me to top last week's choice....but I love the use of woods in this one.

the dogs' mother said...

Also like the use of wood. And the pool. And
the views!

anne marie in philly said...

that's a lovely area of the hudson river valley.

and there is a famous (to those of us who work with yarn) a big sheep & wool festival in rhinebeck every year!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Great use of materials. My brother went to summer camp there. Rhinebeck. Not the hose. I wish!