Saturday, October 08, 2016

Thanks Hurricane Matthew!

Well, we made it through the storm, but one of our sixty-plus foot pines in the front yard did not.

And neither did a huge couple of trees in our neighbor's yard who both decided that the grass was greener on our side of the fence.

Luckily the only damage was to some trees and a small section of fence.

Oy ... didn't we move out of Florida because of Hurricanes? Maybe it's time to head to California ... nope, earthquakes. Maye Oklahoma; nope tornadoes. Perhaps Texas? Nope ... Texans.


  1. Good to know you are both safe albeit a little wet and wind blown.
    Trees will grow again and fences can be mended.
    I guess you will have some yard work to do!

  2. @Princess
    Yeah, I think we dodged a bullet, er, a tree!

  3. Washington? Nope, volcanoes!
    Glad you had relatively minor damage.
    Did NOT hear a word on the hurricane today
    because Dumald's latest idiocy.

  4. Definitely not Texas! I remember being at home on a visit in Texas when Hurricane Hugo came through. Although we were 60 miles north of Houston, the winds took out ten huge pine trees in the yard. Fortunately they fell everywhere except on the house.

    And, yes, Texans.

  5. So glad you are safe - loved the Hurricane Map!
    Your place looks like a marvelous place so don't move yet!!
    We may all be looking for a place to move in November!

  6. Head up our way, we just got light rain and light breezes. You can stay with us until you find a place.

  7. Bob, so glad you, Carlos, and the kids plus your lovely home made it through in one piece with only minor outside damage. Thanks for the update.

  8. Hhhm, pine scented firewood. Do you have fireplaces that far south?

  9. @Dave
    We have a fireplace; we sometimes get snow in winter.

  10. Wow!

    Texas? Oklahoma?!?

    Um, Spain! You didn't mention Southern Spain!!!

  11. Try New Mexico...only an occasional rattlesnake.

  12. It looks like a,rain forest in your yard!!! Yes Anne Marie is right. Come to Philly boys! With exception of one bad snowfall, if that, we have it made here. Not to mention all the history and architecture, close jaunt to NYC, Washington Dc and all the beach points. Glad you had very minimal damage there.

  13. @Frank
    I could live in New Mexico, but Carlos? Maybe not so much! He wasn't so fond of living in Old Mexico.
    Philly, or Philly adjacent, would be nice!

  14. @Mitchell
    Spain would be a dream! I already have my interpreter!

  15. How about Southern Illinois? Nope, too much corn (and red-necks!)


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