Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Red Rocks House

The Red Rocks house was designed by The Ranch Mine, and is a remodel of an older, more blasé, Spanish Colonial Revival home to into something far more spectacular.

It’s a house that now makes the outdoors part of living space, having added over 2000 square feet of shaded exterior patios, to extend the living of the house in every direction and providing shade for the interior spaces. Across the veranda, there are several bi-folding custom steel screens that help shield the deck from the harsh desert sun while still allowing the breeze to come through; in addition, they can be folded aside at dusk to enjoy an Arizona sunset.

The architects stripped away all the faux ornamentation of the original house leaving a simple, two-story box. Then the floorplan was rearranged to prioritize the connection between the living spaces and the views. An additional ensuite bedroom was added inside a second story addition that cantilevered out over the mountain.

It’s a house that went from nothing special to something amazing, both inside and out.



the dogs' mother said...

Loves the dogs! :-) Bet they enjoy the views

mistress maddie said...

The exterior is amazing!!!! And the inside I love. From the awesome bookcases, to the staircase. I also love the clean interior lines and all the white. But I mostly enjoy the steel screens. They add such texture and chic to the simple house.

VoenixRising said...


Toni said...

Red Rocks and exterior...Ah-maze-ing! This could work for us. Bookshelves and view for me. A ridge to launch his hang glider for the guy! Yup, this could work!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Does it ship? I know the perfect spot.