Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Farmhouse Inspired By A Child's Drawing

This modern farmhouse is in Ourém, Portugal and sits atop a hill with a descending slope to the south of the property, overlooking the Castle of Ourém.

It’s kind of a large home, roughly 4300 square feet, but is constructed using simple lines, a design the architects based on drawings children make of their homes. 

The interior is just as simple, and clean and minimalistic, with a clear glass wall that separates the living space from a wooden terrace that overlooks a modern, whimsical garden.

It really is just a simple home, with some eccentric touches in design—wooden porch ceilings that allow breezes to flow through, a copper entry porch, and a cool, walk-in glass refrigerator.

Man, that could hold some great Portuguese wines.


mistress maddie said...

I can appreciate the design and lines, but it's a bit too minimalistic for me personally. On a side note though I am in the middle of a interior design project and the client wanted a glass enclosed wine room like the one in this house. It's becoming a huge trend in home design currently.

the dogs' mother said...

The wine room in one of my good friend's house is the
cat room for food, feeders and beds (which never seem to be

Anonymous said...

It’s exactly my style. Love the kitchen, the upper deck, and the funky exit.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Can I have this please? It’s been a rough week and I really deserve it. We can even drive there.