Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Today In Christian Love: You Can Be Fired For Supporting Equality

As usual, there’s Good News and Bad News.

The Good News is that marriage equality has come to Florida … finally … while the Bad News is that the Catholic Church is so incensed over the idea of equality that the Archdiocese of Miami has threatened to fire anyone who works for the Church if they voice support for equality.

So, let me get this queer: the Catholic Church is anti-0marriage equality and anti-Freedom of Speech? How Christ-like, no?

Archbishop Thomas Wenski has sent out a letter warning employees that they could be fired for any conduct that is “inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church"  and that "because of the Church’s particular function in society, certain conduct, inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, could lead to disciplinary action, including termination, even if it occurs outside the normal working day and outside the strict confines of work performed by the employee for the Archdiocese.”

See, if you work for the Church and then go home and, say, get on the Facebook and support marriage equality, you’ll be fired; if you, say, Tweet to your cousin who just married his longtime partner because equality came to town, you can be fired. If you have a blog and show support for the rights of all Americans to be treated equally under the law, you’ll lose your job.

For having an opinion, and voicing an opinion, you can be fired.

And they like to say there’s a war on religion? It looks like religion is firing the first shots at anyone who supports marriage equality and voices their support.

Again, how f**king-Christ-like.


Raybeard said...

Holy Moses! Will they never accept defeat and just let it go? As society advances forward inch by inch the R.C.Church is horrified by the realisation that it's being marginalised and accordingly raises its volume of shrillness in desperation. Would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic and damaging. F*cking losers!

the dogs' mother said...

I'd like to see that make it to a courtroom.

anne marie in philly said...

but it's still OK to rape young boys and get away with it, cause it's "consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church".

Professor Chaos said...

Geez, even with the new "cool pope" they're still moving backwards. Pathetic.

Helen Lashbrook said...

You need the legislation we've got here. Two Catholics complained because they were forced to manage midwives providing services to those who have abortions and it was against their religion. The court said that their employers were not making them provide those services direct and hey, who made them work as midwives?

Debbie said...

Though I'm a Catholic I know that my opinions and feelings on many controversial topics do not fall in line with the Church. However, I have lived long enough to know that there are no absolutes in life, life is not black and white, and human beings throughout history have needlessly suffered because of dogmas and rules. The HEART is what matters. The Church has been guilty of horrible sin beginning with the Inquisition. And yet, call me crazy, I remain a Catholic. But Catholic with a Heart.