Friday, January 02, 2015

I Didn't Say It ...

Robbie Rogers, LA Galaxy soccer player, on his "first time" ... with a girl, and then with a guy:

"First time with a girl was in high school. I think it was my junior year of high school. Still friends. It was actually alright, you know I'm a gay guy. I don't know how she enjoyed it or if she enjoyed it as much as me...First time with a guy was actually not until I was 25, after I came out. Super awkward. I mean, can you imagine dating and hooking up with a guy after your coming out, after 25 years? I'm sure he was like, 'What is going on?' I think I've gotten a little better at doing all that stuff so hopefully those embarrassing moments are over."

He is so adorable and all I could think was, ‘Lucky bitch’ and ‘Lucky dude.’
Tuc Watkins, openly gay actor known for his roles on Desperate Housewives and One Life To Live, on his displeasure with Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family:

"Hmm. I think “Modern Family” is clever, hilarious, even terrifically subtle at times. But, for the most part, I have a hard time laughing at the gay guys. In fact, I kinda cringe. It feels a little bit like the gay equivalent of “blackface.” It doesn’t feel “modern” at all. Sure, people come in all shapes, sizes, etc. So why are we fed such 80s stereotypes every week?"

I see it differently, though; first up, Cam is the diva-acting, show-tune-singing, openly gay football coach while Mitchell is the legal fussbudget.
Hardly stereotypes, really. And when Carlos and I watch it, we actually see ourselves in each of those two characters at different times.
Methinks Tuc had nothing better to do that day.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, to Tuc Watkins’s opinion of Cam and Mitch:

"Sorry you feel that way Tuc. I know lots of guys who are just like Cam and lots of guys who are just like Mitch. We can't be expected to represent every gay person. We can only represent these two people. Also, Mitch is basically a version of me … so I never know how to take it when people say that he is stereotypical. And in defense of Cam, I still can't figure out how a clown and a football coach who also happens to be gay is a stereotype. When all is said and done, it's a family sitcom. I feel our writers do a fantastic job of servicing 11 characters each week in just 22 minutes. I am incredibly proud to play Mitch and I have a lot of pride in our show. As a closeted kid of the 80's I would have loved to have had a show like Modern Family to watch with my parents. It would have meant a lot to me to see who I secretly was reflected on television. TV has come a long way and it continues to forge new ground. I am thrilled with the work that you did on Desperate Housewives. It opened the door for shows like ours and hopefully we can hold that door open for many more shows to follow us. At the end of the day we can't please everyone ... and we shouldn't try to. Kinda just like life, right?"

JTF said it best.
Shonda Rhimes, on the racist Sony emails between Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin, speculating about which movies President Obama might like:

"Calling Sony comments 'racially insensitive remarks' instead of 'racist'? [You] can put a cherry on a pile of sh*t but it don't make it a sundae."

Why is it that the rich and powerful are ‘racially insensitive’ while common folk are racists? Racism is racism no matter the size of your bank account or position in life.
Robbie Rogers, LA Galaxy star, on the decision by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association [FIFA] to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar—two countries with very poor records on LGBT rights:

“I would never pressure anyone into speaking about the issue but it is absolutely insane. If you look at the next few World Cups, they are in places where, if I were to go, I could possibly be imprisoned or beat up or stoned to death. It is pretty ridiculous. There is going to be number of gay fans that will go to watch the sport. Of course there is going to be another gay footballer there. So I think it is an issue that needs to be spoken about and discussed with FIFA because every player should feel safe when they go to a World Cup.”

If a player is not safe in the host country, then that country should not be the host. Plain and simple.
Sidenote: Robbie is dreamy.


the dogs' mother said...

Good collection. :-)

MAC said...

I've heard this debate and taken part in a few over Cam and Mitch. I'm with you, Hubby and I enjoy the show and the characters. We also relate with Cam and Mitch. I find joy in the fact that a popular TV show portrays a gay couple in a positive light.


The Cool Cookie said...
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The Cool Cookie said...


Let me get this straight. Some former soap opera star, and we all know the odds of one of them becoming a star outside of the soap opera fandom, is bitching about stereotypically written gay characters? And where is his self assessment and critique on his big role as the stereotypical gay character on Desperate Housewifes that wasn't important enough to be a main storyline, but there enough to appear in a few shirtless scenes? But he's "gay" enough, having come out in the past couple years, that he can point and call someone else's writing and acting a negative stereotype?

Oh. Bitch. Please.

Fuck you Tuc. And while we're at it, "Tuc" what kind of fucked up stereotypical stage name is "Tuc"? Did you pick it because of "Rock"? "Tab"? Well, Tuc?

Me thinks Tuc needs something Sitcom Starring Role Envy Therapy by Dr. Shut The Fuck Up.

Professor Chaos said...

Oh, good! I love Cam and Mitchell and I woukd hate to think that they were hurtful stereotypes. (Actually they remind me of our friends Mark & David and I wouldn't want to think that they were stereotypes either)

Bob Slatten said...

Amen to that!

Helen Lashbrook said...

FIFA is as corrupt, of not more so, than the IOC and that is saying something. No organisation, in it's right mind, is going to have host one of the world's major sporting events in a country the west is virtually at war with and hates anyone other than Russians and four years later with a country that hates anyone other than those who follow the strictest version of Islam, hates homosexuals and where it is too hot to play ANY sport even at 4 o'clock in the morning in the height of summer. Not to mention the dead; hundreds have died to build the stadiums Robbie may or not play on. Quatar and Russia must be close to the top of any country NOT to visit, close behind North Korea.

Sorry Bob, rant over and I don't even like football!

Blobby said...

I have more of a problem that Cam & Mitch don't really seem to like each other very much.

Ron said...

I don't watch "The Modern Family" just because of the gay stereotypes. Oh sure, there are gays like that, plenty right here in River City . . . I mean Rehoboth Beach. You know, the Broadway show tune loving, Glee addicts. However, there are equally valid gays who don't like (and don't quite GET the show tune affliction) like me, Bill, Pat, and a few others (admit tingly, not too many). But I do like Bette Davis so I guess I can still hold onto my Gay Card. But I've never seen a Broadway play and never will and don't feel the less for it. I did like the Fifties movie musicals though, So there is hope for me yet. (smile - smile dammit!)