Thursday, January 29, 2015

From the 'It's Not The Heat, It's The Stupidity' File: Lindsey Graham and How The GOP Feels About Women

I don’t get Republicans. Oh, not just the party but the people who support them. I mean, how does one explain that some of the poorest counties, and the poorest states, habitually vote for the GOP? How’s that working for you? Ever thought about switching it up and giving the Democrats a try and see if life improves for you?


And when the GOP talks about women’s issues, women’s rights, I shudder at the notion that any women would be a Republican much less support a party that claims their anti-abortion measures are about protecting women’s health; that they support a party that does not believe women deserve equal pay in the workplace; a party that voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Of course, I could ask that same question of minorities and The Gays; seriously, what have the Republicans done for you lately?


But today we’re talking about the GOP and women, and Lindsey Graham and how, while talking about about a piece of legislation pertaining to the rights women should have over their own bodies Graham basically exposed how little the GOP actually cares about women when he wondered aloud how this bill might turn into an argument over “legitimate rape.”
“I’m going to do more than bring my bill up. I’m going to need your help to find a way out of this definitional problem of rape.” — Lindsey Graham
A “definitional problem” of rape. Rape is rape; a man who forces himself on a woman is raping; a woman says ‘No’ and the man forces himself on her, its rape. Rape is rape, and to think that anyone who claims to want to represent women has a problem with the definition of what constitutes rape is amazing to me.

But then Lindsey Graham is an idiot, so, really, should I be surprised?

Graham is worried about how the GOP would define a “legitimate” sexual assault because, let’s be clear, if a woman wanted an abortion, even in the case of rape, most Republicans don’t believe she should have that right if the rape was, um, "legitimate;" or if the pregnancy resulted from an act of incest ... if the mother’s life was in jeopardy ... much less  because she chooses to have an abortion for her own personal reasons.

In fact, Graham and his anti-women GOP cronies have already pulled a measure in this bill that would have required women who were sexually assaulted to go to the police before having an abortion, and they only did so because some of the more free-thinking female members of the GOP staged a revolt against party leadership.

Let that tidbit sink in: most of the party supported the idea that a woman who was raped must first go to the police before exercising her Constitutional right to an abortion. Why not just chain women to the stove? Problem solved. And to think that it took a small group of female members of the party to raise their voices before the majority of Republicans, male and female, even thought about removing it from the bill.

The GOP doesn’t care about women, they only want to tell women what they can and cannot do, and how much less they deserve to be paid.

And again, it makes me wonder why any woman would support such a party. It makes me wonder why anyone, especially here in South Carolina, would put a check next to Lindsey Graham’s name — or that of any Republican, for that matter — on a ballot.

It must be the stupidity.


the dogs' mother said...

This constantly putting qualifiers on abortion isn't going to change things. Working for a public service agency we has some pretty callous clients. One client upset a nurse so much she brought me into the session to take over so she would not break down.
It doesn't matter. You can't be denied a medical procedure because the client doesn't measure up to your values.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Well, Lindsey Graham, has certainly solved the definitional problem of schmuck.

Ron said...

Lindsey Graham, I am never quite sure if he is playing to his (ignorant and scared) base or if he really is stupid. I think he's a little of both plus a big part of just saying whatever he needs to stay in power, a la John "Put Up the Dang Fence" McCain. And what is this fixation that the GOP has with the right to choose? Forget jobs and improving the economy, waste time instead on trying to figure out what rape is. And yet, he still has a THAT base in South Carolina who still vote for him. And that is the scary part, there are intelligent (supposedly) people who continue to check the box next to his name at election time.

anne marie in philly said...

miss lindsey is an asshat; look at him yesterday questioning the AG nominee. dumb mutha!

Biki Honko said...

People confound me, truly. Why women, gays and minorities would vote for a party that believes they either shouldnt exist, or only exist for them to use as baby making machines or cheap labor.

viktor kerney said...

he needs to come out