Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For One Memphis Parent, The Devil's In The Tail Lights

Out there in Memphis, Tennessee, at least one parent — and maybe more — have too much time on her hands.

See, one day this woman  who will not give her name  was in traffic, behind a school bus, and she saw something on the back of the bus that made her skin crawl, and made her call the district, the media, and anyone who would listen to her rants.

On the back of that bus, in the taillights, she saw an upside down, five-pointed star outlined in the brake lights; a pentagram, you know, which, according to a quick Google search, is often used as a religious or magic symbol. But for this women, a Christian, dontcha know, it was too much:
"Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged."
She says Christians should be outraged that a symbol that looks like a pentagram would be allowed in the design of a vehicle used to transport children to public schools. And she took her crazy to social media, because that’s what people with too much time on their hands, like to so, and a debate was sparked; some say the brake lights are a subliminal pagan message, while others say it's just an unintentional design, but this one woman will not let it go.
"If you can't put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it."
Still, while most seem to think it’s just a design and not a symbol that the snit-Christ is behind the wheel of Memphis school buses, even those who are not completely sold on the brake light being a sign from the devil have questions.
"Why'd they put it up there? Why'd they put it upside down?"—Marsha Hudson; kudos to Marsha for at least giving her name
Um, maybe it’s just the way the lights lined up?

But that one parent   and again, she doesn't want anyone to know her name   says the lights send the wrong signal, and she wants them replaced with solid red brake lights. 

Or better yet, lights that look like crosses?

Neither Durham School Services nor the school district would answer any questions about the bus' brake lights because, well, it’s dumb and this crazy woman has way too much time on her hands.


anne marie in philly said...

what an asshat!

anne marie in philly said...

furthermore, what is this asshat smoking that she sees pentagrams?

the dogs' mother said...

On my travels about town I have been trying to find a school bus to be outraged about. They are always going the other way or are back at the bus barn. I may have to run out in my nighty and robe when the bus comes by my house.

Anonymous said...

And you know, red is always the color of the Xian devil in cartoons, so really even just red brake lights are satanic. Wait, so are stop signs, and there's one on the side of the bus! OMG, Rosemary's baby is riding that bus and planning to use the stop sign feature to cross the road to an abortion clinic! She should just let Jeebus take the wheel and start ramming buses whenever she is behind one.

mistress maddie said...

Nice to see im not the only one who see's things when drinking to much gin.

Debbie said...

I'm with Anne Marie. JEEZ.

Helen Lashbrook said...

What do these people do with their time when they are not worrying about five cornered stars on brake lights? Sad or what?

Raybeard said...

Oh dear! Calm down,Lady.

Biki Honko said...

Monsters have changed things up I see and have migrated from closets and under the beds to living in tail lights of school buses.... Poor wee deluded addlepated foolish woman.