Monday, January 05, 2015

Starting Monday Off With A Laugh ... And By 'Laugh,' I Mean Fox News

The good folks … how’s that for high-larity … over there at Fox News thought it would be fun to ask the Twitter-sphere to celebrate the demise of 2014 by #hashtagging what they were “:over” for the New Year.

As usual, Twitter responded by taking down Fox News after that dim-bulb-blonde-who-couldn’t-keep-a-job-at-The-View Tweeted that she was “over attacks on Christianity.”

I’m still trying to figure out who’s attacking Christianity, unless it’s people simply asking Christians to leave their religion out of there publicly run businesses, but I digress.

Here’s what some of the Twitterers told Fox:
via NCRM


the dogs' mother said...

I want someone to tell Santa to stop selling cars on TV. It is January!

mistress maddie said...

We could be here all day reading the disgruntled Twitters. Let me go grab a gin and enjoy this!!!!! And how does that wind tunnel still have a job?

anne marie in philly said...

I want the 5% intelligent people in this country to hoist the 95% stoopid people off a tall building into a deep ocean.

the 95% stoopids are ruining my country!

Sadie J said...

You would think Fox would learn, but stupid is as stupid does.