Thursday, January 22, 2015

Random Musings

Still loving Obama’s “I won both of them” from the other night, and loving the fact that, as much as the GOP tries to portray him as a Muslim illegal immigrant, he keeps going and going and, well, gosh darn, people are liking him, again.

His poll numbers are at 50% approval rating.

Another snap at the GOP!
Speaking of Obama’s SOTU the other night:

Bobby Jindal's Nit-Twit response? 'Your welcome.? He could’a used some free community college, no?
On to American Horror Story …

After this season Jessica Lange is said to be leaving and creator Ryan Murphy has announced that the show will reinvent itself—something I thought it did every season.

I am liking Freak Show, but it is kind of ‘kitchen sink’-ish in that they just keep throwing more into it, when sometimes less is more, and better.

Twisty the Clown? Gone too soon.
Frances Conroy? Gone too soon.

And they kind of wasted Angela Basset and Gabourey Sidibe this season, though I did like the links between Freak Show and Asylum; that was cool.

That said, i liked the finale; I liked the way they tied up some of the characters' storylines; i liked the way Elsa went out; and, of course, Dandy in his Tighty Whities is always a treat!.
Speaking of TV, we like Grimm …

The stories are interesting, and different, and, well, David Giuntoli is easy on the eyes. But last week there was a new cop, a kinda bad cop, on the show, played by Will Rothhaar.

Totes adorbs. But, seeing as he’s a bad guy, I imagine he will be dying soon.

Also back on TV, the entirely swoon-worthy Timothy Olyphant is back for the last season of Justified.

I am infuriated by all the backlash against people who have come out against Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, calling it, as Michael Moore did, a propaganda film for war; or Seth Rogen, who also bashed the film.

That sent the likes of Dean Cain into a frenzy, and he called Rogen out for never have gone to war, which lead me to wonder: Dean? Which war did you fight in?

Also fuming at Moore and Rogen were the Mama Grizzly Bore™ and Rob Lowe, who seem to have forgotten that men like U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle — the American Sniper portrayed in the film — fought for the rights of Americans, including the right not to like a movie.

Siddown you three.
Also on TV last week was an episode of Glee, now limping along in its last season, The show started off good and fun and cute, then veered off into the ridiculous, though every so often they come along with an episode that makes you think.

Like last week when Coach Bieste announced that she was transgender and was undergoing gender reassignment. A lot of folks don’t ‘get’ what it means to be transgender, and equate it with being gay or lesbian or bisexual only. The question was posed to Coach Bieste, assigned the female gender at birth, if she would be a gay man after the surgery, and Coach Bieste replied:

"It's not about who I go to bed with, it's about who I go to bed as."

I think that is one of the best responses to the question of what transgender means as I have ever heard.
The White House State Of The Union luncheon is an annual tradition and every year dignitaries and news personalities are invited to join the President in a pre-speech feast. But this year’s lunch featured a delightful jab at the folks at Fox news, and a bit of a reality check.

According to Fox News’ Shepherd Smith,  he noticed something a little strange about the place cards on the tables:

“I sat next to Brian Williams, we all have these place cards, and his said ‘Brian Williams NBC News.’  Across from me was the new guy, David Muir, it said ‘David Muir ABC News.’  Over next to the President was Scott Pelley and it said ‘Scott Pelley ABC News.’  I looked at mine, and it doesn’t say anything about news, it just says ‘Fox.’  And I looked at Bret Baier’s and it just said ‘Bret Baier Fox.’  But all the rest of them got ‘News.’ I mean I don’t care, lunch was great.  But, uh, I guess there’s a message received. “

The message, Shep, is that Fox is not News and everyone knows it.

10 comments: said...

The only thing I enjoyed about the finale of AHS:Freak Show was David Burtka! This season had so much promise but it seemed to me that the writers lost interest about halfway through. I really hope next season brings back some "horror". (And David Burtka!)

anne marie in philly said...

"Fox is not News and everyone knows it." - suh-NAP!

the dogs' mother said...

Reporting in - I followed a bus with pentagram lights and I followed a bus with old plain lights... omg! I'm soooo confused!

mistress maddie said...

I must say, I have been pretty pleased over all with Obama as President, especially with pushing rights for many, FINALLY almost up to the decade. loved this season of AMS, buy feel your right about the kitchen sink. I felt season 2 was much like that with all the different things they threw at us also. A little disappointed they liked some of the freaks in the end, buy overall liked it. And David Burtka! HUBBA! Hubba! It will be interesting to see how it fares now without Lange. And Murphy is famous for hanging up show after 5 or 6 seasons before moving on. And Bob, agree with Grimm also. How about the guy playing the Grand Master!?!?!? HOLY!!!!!!

Bob Slatten said...

I forgot the Grand master. prime Beefcake.
I forgot Burtka on AHS as well. That NPH is one lucky fella!

Biki Honko said...

I've given a lot of thought as to the remark the trans fella makes in Glee. And yes, its a good remark on many levels. However, I'm quite tired of the coyness many trans people have towards their sexuality.

If Coach is gay, then say so, if he is straight, then let folks know. What is the big secret? Asking whats in trans peoples undies, well thats offensive, but as to what gender(s) they are attracted to shouldn't be.

Now is not the time to keep up the old privacy screen on trans sexuality. If we want to "catch up" with LGB then the windows into our lives needs to be thrown wide open so that people can finally begin to understand what being trans is about. And yes, it just might be time for people to know whats in our undies so that they understand just what can and cant be done with surgery, if one can afford it.

How the government will happily allow us to change our names, and birth certificates, but wont force colleges and training programs etc to issue new certificates and diplomas so that we dont have to keep dragging the issue of being trans with us until the day we die. Which is why the vast majority of trans are living below the poverty line.

Raybeard said...

My most frequent typing boob is to put "Your" instead of "You're" (and vice-versa) - another one is "its/it's". But, even though I say it myself, for me it's forgivable, though this Jindal chappie is nothing but a prize chump who only deserves to be shot - slowly!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Who someone goes to bed with is private matter between the people concerned unless they choose otherwise

Mitchell is Moving said...

Great items! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date!

Bob Slatten said...

I guess what i liked about Coach Bieste's comment is that it isn't important whether he is a gay man, or a straight man--or woman, for that matter--what's important is what his gender is.
He was trying to say that it doesn't matter which gender he's attracted to, it matters what gender he is.