Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Must Have: Officer Grant Hazell

Grant Hazell and his sons, Max and Sonny

I have never been arrested; I’ve been stopped for speeding just twice in my life, but never been arrested. However, that may change, and all I need is a trip to Perth, Australia, and a chance to see the police schedule for one Grant Hazell.

That's him up there; cute, right. Aussie, curly hair. Adorable. But, and this is where I'm planning a trip Down Under, pun intended, Grant is the spitting image of Ryan Gosling and since I can’t get Ryan to manhandle me, well, a little arrest in Perth, and perhaps a “feet back and spread ‘em” from Grant might get me close enough to my dream.

Grant Hazell and Ryan Gosling

Hazell looks so much like Gosling, in fact, that women … women??? … are practically throwing themselves at his feet, and strangers on the street think he’s the real deal, maybe filming a movie in their midst.

Grant Hazell and Ryan Gosling

Now, Grant Hazell has gone from police officer to model, and Gosling look-alike, earning upwards of $800 an hour for just looking hot. Hazell, a father of two, signed a modeling contract after his wife, Caroline, sent off some photographs because she thought him a dead ringer for Gosling.
”Ryan Gosling has a very contemporary look which is very sought after in both the film and fashion industry. I don't find it hard impersonating him. I'm lucky that it comes quite naturally. I frown a lot which helps.”—Grant Hazell
Or you could just take your shirt off ….

Grant Hazell and Ryan Gosling

And yet he’s still a police officer … with handcuffs! … whose fellow officers are having a bit of fun with him. One day they put his picture up on the Most Wanted List, accusing him ’crimes against impersonating a celebrity. 

And one American … no, not me … is so obsessed with Grant that he has received some 100 raunchy emails from the fan.

Again, not me.

I’m ready for my strip search, Officer Hazell. 

Nope, it's Grant Hazell

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mistress maddie said...

I'm so ready to go rob a store and stick the goods down my jeans just for a good frisk from this hottie! My, my, my. I think he is even better looking than Ryan!