Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: Lymm Water Tower

I just love taking something old and adding something new to it; like, you know, old Cher with new lips. But in a house form it's a much greater transformation.

The Lymm Water Tower is the award winning renovation of a once derelict Grade II listed water tower into a luxurious contemporary family home.

The octagonal stone water tower is complemented by a new modernist wrap around double height extension. This highly glazed addition offers carefully selected vistas across the adjacent fields and considers the existing mature trees surrounding the site.

The internal changes in level delineate the roles of the various spaces offering style and function. Each habitable space is carefully orientated to experience the changing quality of natural light as the sun tracks daily from one side of the tower to the other. The vast panels of low-energy structural glass within the façade allow these spaces a sensory contact with nature and the seasons.

The tower roof garden, 110 feet above ground level, is accessed via the original stone staircase and offers spectacular views across the Cheshire countryside and beyond.

Now, to be fair, I am not a fan of the stark interiors; it could use some color and some art and some more substantial furnishings, but it's got some great bones, both old and new.

Just like Cher's face!



Anonymous said...

Wow, that interior is so, so white! Now the thing that make me interested in this is the height. Easy place to install antennas for amateur radio service.

Anonymous said...

I really like the design, and I agree with y'all about the all white interior. That's why when I build my homes in The Sims 3 I try to use a light oak or dark walnut wood to offset those walls. Also, I try to use an off-white wall so the baseboards pop, too.

Biki Honko said...

It is pretty, but lordy stark just dont come quite close enough to cover just how empty inside it is. Seems a mite depressing.