Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Fashion

The Great

Claire Danes...simple and glittery like the Emmy she won last night.

The Best
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss rockin' the hard body. This, people, is the mother on an eighteen-year-old.
Mariska Hargitay. It's a little bit pixie and a little bit va-va-va-voom.
Julie Bowen rockin' the hard body. This, people, is the mother of an eighteen-day-old
The Good
Jane Lynch. It's nice to see a Lesbian out of flannels and Doc Martens. Jane looks hot.
Lea Michelle. Pretty, but a wee bit ruffle-y.
Sophia Vergara. I like the dress but the brown skidmark down the front is a little odd.
The Meh:
Heidi looks like she left the Runway with half-a-dress. Somewhere in NYC Nina Garcia is rolling her eyes and saying, Ghastly.
Tina Fey's dress was inspired by crop circles and hieroglyphics. It says, God this is one awful dress.
Glenn Close is so sleek and chic, and then she stripped the bed and wore the sheets to the Emmys.
The Bad
Lauren Graham. This looks like it's on backwards. And maybe upside-down.
Keri Russell. We get it, you're cute. But this looks like one of Dakota Fanning's leftover dresses, circa 1998.
Dianna Agron. I'm guessing funeral home doily? And I'm guessing you should fire your stylist.
The Worst
Jewel. Grandma's curtain never looked better.
Mindy Kaling. i don't know who you are, but this hoochie-mama funeral dress with the Winehouse hair will be hard to scrape off my corneas.
Kristen Wiig looks like she borrowed one of SNL's costume numbers. I know shoulder pads are making a comeback, but not on a strappy dress.

The God Awful:
January Jones in what looks like a left-over form the Project Runway Party Store Challenge. I seriously think those are blue plastic cups on her, ahem, breastiges, and the skirt looks like a pool liner.
I get that it's a "designer" gown but even designers can make something that looks like this trainwreck.
Plus, Jan, may I call you Jan? Perhaps running a comb through your hair before you got out of the limo would have been a nice touch.


froggy said...

Looked for more than a side picture of Gail Simmons for David. Can't find any!

Dan said...

I am in the minority I am sure, but I liked January Jones dress.

Wonder Man said...

January must be banished

R.J. said...

I laughed when I saw Anna Paquin's dressed. It looked like someone stole my old Cooper shoulder pads from when I played hockey, removed the upper arm pads and then vajazzled them.

Kyle said...

Bob, don't really care about the dresses, or the women wearing them, but your commentary about them both is sweet, sweet nectar.