Monday, April 15, 2019

Arizona Ends Thirty-Year-Old Anti-LGBTQ Law

After that hateful story this morning, here’s a little good news coming out of Arizona of all places.

Last week Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey signed a repeal of the state’s “No Promo Homo” law that forbade teachers from giving students medically accurate, age-appropriate information about non-heterosexual people in their health education classes.

It was a Don’t Say Gay kinda law, you know.

The “No Promo Homo” law prohibited instruction in HIV/AIDS curriculum that “[p]romotes a homosexual life-style,” “[p]ortrays homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style,” or “[s]uggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex.”

You know, cuz just mentioning homosexuals turns some folks gay, and goddess forbid you ever suggest that homosexuals can live a positive life.

Of course, this wasn’t an entirely altruistic move on Ducey’s part; no, his decision to repeal the law only came after the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit challenging the law on behalf of Equality Arizona. And Ducey’s decision came after Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that he would not defend the law in court, saying it was obviously unconstitutional.

Thirty years later. Arizona’s law had been on the books since 1991.

The march goes on ….


  1. Well, thanks a lot! You mentioned the word "homosexual" so many times, I'm now gay from reading it. I mean, it's fine for me, but think of my poor wife!

  2. Some good news for today.

  3. RTG and I just turned gay reading this! ;-)


  4. Well, about TIME!
    And you know that politicians don't move a finger if there's nothing for them in the mix. The law is archaic and unconstitutional, so you know why it ended.


  5. This sounds very like the legislation we had as a relic of the Mrs Thatcher period which made it a criminal offence for a teacher to speak positively of homosexuality - and much the same thing, only even worse, in present day Pres. Putrid's Russia. It took Tony Blair's arrival to repeal it for us, and later for Conservative Prime Minster David Cameron to apologise for his party ever having enacted it. But even now there are still members of the latter party who'd be happy to see it brought back, so one must be ever vigilant. If the mood swings back it could return with yet greater force. Not yet safe (if ever)!

  6. Well, at least there's this...

  7. I think that Raybeard may be talking about the retrogressive and hypocritical Jacob Rees-Mogg, one of the architects of a NO-deal Brexit, who has moved his money out of Britain and into Europe He's RC and his sixth kid is named Sixtus! But then his sister is called Annuntziata so you can see what kind of upbringing they had!


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