Thursday, January 23, 2020


We watched the SAG awards last weekend and when Parasite won for Ensemble Cast the man who accepted spoke Korean, but had a translator onstage, Carlos said,
“I’d like to learn another language.”
“Try English.”
I’m lucky he has a good sense of humor and loves me.
California Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu says a lawyer for _____ lapdog and co-conspirator, California Republican Congressman Nunes threatened to sue him if he did not apologize for saying Nunes had conspired with Lev Parnas, an “associate” of Rudy Giuliani.

But then came Parnas on The Rachel Maddow Show saying _____ “knew exactly what was going on” with Ukraine and that he had personally spoken with Devin Nunes.

And that same night, Nunes slithered over to Fox News and admitted that he had talked to Parnas but didn’t recall the name.

He thought it was a different ‘Lev.’ Seriously.
I guess in Utah they don’t like comedy with their rubbers?

The state’s Republican Governor Gary Herbert blocked the state health department from distributing condoms with suggestive packaging slogans that were part of a new HIV prevention campaign. The wrappers have labels like …  Greatest Sex on Earth … SL, UT [Salt Lake, Utah] … and This is the Place over a drawing of a bed, among others.

Erin Fratto, of the Utah Department of Health’s Prevention Treatment and Care Program, says the new condoms are a way to destigmatize HIV in Utah, and get everybody talking about sexual health.

About 100,000 condoms were to be distributed as part of a federally funded campaign called “The H is for Human” but in Utah the H is clearly for Humorless.
U.S. Attorney General, and _____’s personal bitch, Billy Barr says the FBI would have to meet more rigorous standards before opening any future counterintelligence investigations into presidential campaigns.

Yup. He’s making it harder for the US intelligence community to investigate election interference, rigging, and cheating.

We have an opioid crisis in this country, or so says _____, but then why is he diverting $3.5 billion from counterdrug programs? And if he wants the strongest military in the world, why is he taking $3.7 billion from military construction?

The wall. That’s all. He’s diverting money from other programs to build his Racist Wall when most of us would rather see him behind that kind of wall.
A year ago, Disney bought 21st Century Fox closed, and now they are making some changes.

They’re dropping the ‘Fox’. Yup, the Fox moniker has been dropped from the studio’s 20th Century and Searchlight labels, which will now be branded as, simply, Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Studios.

Now if we could just drop the rightwingnut racist news channel.
Not surprised at all to learn that GOP Senator Susan Collins has surpassed Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell as the most unpopular U.S. Senator.

Collins’ net approval rating has dropped 10 points since the end of September, leaving her with a 52% disapproval rating.

Worse than Mitch? Wow, Susan, you must be so proud.
Mena Massoud was born in Cairo, but raised in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The 28-year-old … 28? … god I’m old … actor is best known for the role of Aladdin in the Disney live-action remake of "Aladdin," directed by Guy Ritchie.

In my house he’s best known for that smile and the fact that he can change a tire and look hot doing it.

Just sayin’.


Deedles said...

Carlos is a saint!

the dogs' mother said...

and bless Rachel Maddow.
xoxoxo :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

No, really Bob, I do believe Devon....he's too thick to add one and one and make one!

anne marie in philly said...

poor carlos; he has to put up with a bitch like you! ;-b

nunes (and his cow) are lying snakes.

Utah = Mormons. nuff said.

debar bill barr!

"Now if we could just drop the rightwingnut racist news channel." - GAYmen!

susan collins needs to be voted out and thrown to the curb!

and that tweet - PREACH IT SISTER!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those condoms . . . LOL!

VRC-Do You! said...

I heard a great interview on NPR while traveling through Utah about the condom situation...As we all know, public health dollars are limited no matter where you live...It's like pulling teeth to increase funding for anything...The individual who spoke on NPR consistently used the term "sex-positive" when addressing the condom debacle-of course that is someone else's opinion...Not only did they have to stop the distribution...But the powers that be wanted the health department to go out a gather the condemns back up...Yes, the slogans are a little cheeky...I am in public health...I say the old adage that when you talk about sex you increase the desire for sex does not hold truth...The statistics does not bear this out...Get a life Utah..Let's be "sex-positive"...Arm the populous with the correct information so that they can make intelligent choices about their sex practices...This is 2020 after all not 1965...

Bob said...

Yes, he is.

Yes, to both!

He is rather delusional, eh?

Thank the goddess Carlos loves a bitch like me!

I want some just to display around the house!

@VRC-Do You!
The Governor is wasting time and money and resources, and it's just plain ridiculous!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Ah, Tales of Carlos. That’s exactly what I tell SG: Try English.

Bob said...

Love it!

Raybeard said...

Bob, I don't know if you ever read my replies to your comments on my own blog (My Best Liked 2019 Films' and the following one) but it seems that today (so far) after SIX weeks of having trouble with first, reading your blog due to being unable to scroll it down, then being unable to scroll it back up, and always until this morning being unable to add my own comments - now at last this morning, for the first time since early Dec, it seems to be back to normal - and I'm overjoyed. Only hoping it's back to stay - though have no idea why in the first place it was uniquely YOUR blog which I couldn't access.
No need to reply to this - I'm just getting the delight I feel out of my system. But if you were ever wondering why I appeared to be so 'silent' in recent weeks, now you know.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Haha That's why you get some of those Carlos comebacks, huh?
Ok, so I want those condoms! Where can I get them?
And the GOP hypocrisy and corruption knows no end. Every single day we get more proof that they need to be voted out. At this point, they're just IMPOTUS's minions. Nothing more, nothing less.


Sadie J said...

Raybeard, I had the same problem. Weird.

And I had no desire to see Aladdin but I've suddenly changed my mind! (gotta love a hot mechanic.)

Bob said...

Others have told me that and I've looked into it, but couldn't figure it out. I'm glad you're back and replying! Makes my day!

It's never a dull moment around here!

I've never seen Aladdin but I have seen the hot mechanic.