Wednesday, January 02, 2019

IfYou Think _____ Is Bad, Beware of Michael Elizabeth Pence

Well, the Blues are set to take over and perhaps drive _____ from office; that’s the good news. The bad news? Michael Elizabeth Pence. He’ll from being _____’s lapdog to the Wingnut In Charge, so let’s take a look back and Pence and all he’s ”done” for the country ….
The idiocy of Pence …
Pence was sent to South Korea as America’s official representative, but he showed up late to the VIP reception and was forced to walk table-to-table introducing himself; in doing so, he avoided key interactions with UN and Olympic officials that a normal delegation would have participated in.
Pence, in interviews, defended _____’s desire to hold a military vanity parade in America, all the while attacking Kim Jong Un’s regime for doing the same thing.
The dangerous lunacy of Pence…
Instead of standing by the Constitution, Pence lavished praise about _____’s free speech attacks, telling a reporter, “he’s a fighter!”
Instead of supporting the First Amendment, Michael Elizabeth Pence told a reporter that a White House ban on a CNN reporter was part of “maintaining the decorum,” and would not entertain an open exchange between journalists and Trump.
And remember the stunt at the football game, when Pence was used to prop up _____’s racist attacks on kneeling NFL players? That cost We The People $325,000 to shuttle Pence and Mother all over the country, merely to engage in phony moralizing.
Pence, at first, denied _____’s hush money payoffs to Stormy Daniels as “baseless allegations,” but when the truth emerged, suddenly he had nothing to say.
When the public became aware of the existence of a domestic abuser, Rob Porter, in the White House team and those in the administration who defended him, Pence called the whole thing a “staffing matter.”
Pence, in response to news that _____’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was selling off access to corporations, called the corruption a “private matter.”
The hypocrisy of Pence ….
When Pence hosted a fake rabbi at an event just says after a mass shooting at Tree of Life, a Pittsburgh synagogue, he was widely condemned for the action.
Pence was showered with protests of “shame on you!” at a political rally for a pro-_____p PAC by protesters calling out the administration’s decision to separate children from their families at the border.
Pence, despite his longtime identification with conservative Christians, was vocally opposed by attendees at the Southern Baptist Convention who were concerned with the _____ administration’s anti-immigrant stance.
Pence, while attending a Martin Luther King Jr. Day sermon by Pastor Dr. Maurice Watson at a church Baltimore, listened as his boss was called out for his racist actions. Pence got an earful of admonition over his racist political partner, and a local news station reported that Pence was “red-faced” during the speech.
Pence said he “really would hope not” when asked if a member of his inner circle wrote an anonymous New York Times op-ed exposing _____ but realized his response meant it was a possibility, so he asked the reporter to turn the camera back on, so he could record a new, stronger answer.
Pence. appearing before the NRA at their annual meeting, told extremist group he was their “friend.” Two weeks later, while expressing supposed sympathy for the victims of a school shooting not far from the same site in Texas, Pence told victims “we’re with you.”
Pence appeared at an event with conspiracy theorist and racist former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and praised him as a “champion” of the “rule of law.”
The lies of Pence …
Pence, in an effort to bolster a racist lie by _____ that dangerous Middle Easterners were a part of the migrant “caravan” headed north, Pence said that if a migrant wasn’t Honduran, they could be Middle Eastern.
Pence, when _____ did not act to defend military pay during the government shutdown—something which President Barack Obama did in 2013—lied and said his boss was defending them during the political infighting.
Pence claimed that a story about _____ aides having to steal a document from the Oval Office to prevent a disastrous _____ action on trade never happened, even though there was evidence given to reporters; eventually, it was Fox News who made it clear to Pence that “it did happen.”
Sure, _____is the worst of the worst when it comes to US presidents, but when you have a goose-stepping, lying, hypocritical, racist homophobe, transphobe, Christian wingnut as back up, it could get worse before it gets better.


the dogs' mother said...

Maybe we can have a '2 for 1' Special?

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm with you Bob, Pennies from Heaven could be far, far worse for the US and the world. He is halfway intelligent and could get some folks believing in his capability to run the country, never mind that he would gut healthcare, social security, Medicaid, abortion rights, equal rights for all....the list is endless. Take them both down at the same time, him and his beloved boss. Looking at him adoring the Trumpkin when he is speaking balderdash is sickening.

anne marie in philly said...

I H8 putzy pence's fucking guts just as much as I H8 the dump's! LOCK THEM ALL UP!

Deedles said...

I have a sister whose name is Michelle Elizabeth. Nothing to do with this, it just crossed my mind.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I call,Pence the devil’s butler. He’s the kind of unctuous, hypocritical, bigoted xtianist that can cause irreparable harm to any kind of progress gained in the last years.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

He's just biding his time. BIDING HIS TIME. It's scary stuff.

Dave R said...

Pence is a lackey, pure and simple. He is a phony through and through. The Democrats have so much dirt on this fool thanks to his kow-towing to every shitty aspect of the Idiot Jerk and his administration.

Michael said...

Yes, a 2 for 1 special is in order....

Sooo-this-is-me said...

...and remember when you all thought the worst thing that could happen was if Sarah Palin became president by default!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Yes, hard to imagine that a Trump impeachment could be worse than a Trump presidency.