Monday, January 28, 2019

By All Means Let's Build A Wall

In the same week that _____ caved on his efforts to keep the government shut down until he could get a wall built, the same week Republicans and White House lapdogs took to news outlets to once again spread the lie of a national crisis at the border, the same week we were being told about M13 kidnapping women, and duct taping their mouths and murdering them, we had three white men in America go on three separate shooting rampages.

Last Wednesday, Zephen Xaver barricaded himself in a SunTrust Bank in Florida before killing five people, He then called the police himself to announce that he’d murdered those strangers; Xaver  eventually surrendered to the SWAT team.

Josh Xaver, the murderer’s father said:
"I'm heartbroken for my son. I'm heartbroken for the victims. He wasn't raised to be like this. He's always been a good kid. He's had his troubles, but he has never hurt anyone ever before."
I think he meant ‘yet’.

The next day, Jordan Witmer murdered two people, and injured another, at P.J. Harrigan's bar about two miles from Penn State.

Witmer then fled the scene, crashed his car nearby and shot his way into a home, where he murdered his fourth victim, 83-year-old George McCormick, as the victim's wife locked herself in the bathroom and dialed 911.

Witmer had served in the military and was looking to enter a career in law enforcement, and had a permit to carry a weapon, even into a bar.

In Louisiana, Dakota Theriot lost a place to stay a couple of weeks ago, and Summer Ernest, allowed him to stay in her father’s home.

On Saturday Theriot shot and killed his friend and her family, then drove to his parents' trailer in a neighboring county and killed them. He was arrested more than 1,000 miles to the northeast, in rural Virginia, on Sunday morning.

Theriot had been arrested for minor drug possession but had no history of violent crimes[ investigators also have not said what type of weapon Theriot used or how he obtained it.

But he did.

We have a president who paints brown-skinned people as drug dealers, rapist, murderers and terrorist, and yet in one week we have seen three examples of white men, of homegrown terrorism, of gun deaths, and yet _____ refuses to speak on that.

So, by all means, let’s build a wall. It might make it easier for white men to murder Americans if they have no way of escaping the own country.


mistress maddie said...

I was thinking....the douche bags that want the wall, why dont they move to a isolated location, then build the wall around them, so we can then move forward finally.

the dogs' mother said...

All very, very sad.
We are test driving a new gun law
here in WA. Hoping it works well.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Perhaps the wall would be more effective if built of guns?

Professor Chaos said...

Interesting that all three were taken in alive. Somehow the police didn't "fear for their lives" when confronted with armed white men who had already demonstrated their willlingness to kill.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I can’t with Cheetolini and his blatant racism. Really. In America armed white men are ‘lone wolves’ and ‘mentally unstable ‘. Black and brown men in hoodies are dangerous thugs.

Moving with Mitchell said...

So I guess this means we need to build a wall around Florida. Build that wall. Build that wall.

Dave R said...

Everyone of these showings occurred in a state the Idiot Jerk carried in 2016... tell you something?

Linus Bern said...

I remember a wall fetishist using the argument that "prisons have walls for a reason" which made it sound like Trump's wall wasn't for keeping people out, but for keeping them in.