Thursday, January 03, 2019


As we were waiting for the ball to drop … giggle snort … one of the Andy’s, Cohen, or My-Husband-In-My-Head, Cooper, mentioned Dollywood. And Carlos actually said ... and this breaks my heart ....
"What ... is ... Dollywood?"

Luckily there was more champagne.
An Update for Anne Marie on my brother and his wife.

They’re doing dine, dealing with insurance is a nightmare when everyone else is doing the same thing, but are still living in Chico, not far from where their house used to be in what used to be called Paradise.

But they have no plans to rebuild, and will probably move up to Oregon, somewhere along the coast and not too far from Dad.

They are remarkably in good spirits, even with the busted hip thing, which is also improving nicely, thanks to physical therapy, and are looking forward to moving on. But the amazing news is that they had two sheep, and when the fire started there was no way to get them off the property, so my brother opened the gate and let them run.

The sheep were found, saved, and my brother is giving them to a local farmer.

Always a silver lining ….
In one of his most idiotic arguments for a Wall, _____ lied about the Washington DC home of former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama:
“President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound. I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!”
First off … “built/has”? That doesn’t even make sense. Ass.

At any rate, this latest _____ lie came as a surprise to two of the Obamas’ neighbors who said:
“The Obamas added security fencing to a retaining wall in front of the home (it is not a compound) for the needs of the Secret Service. A guard booth was built, and fencing was added to the back. There’s a fence that goes along the front of the house, but it’s the same as the other neighbors have … tastefully done.”
Not a 10-foot wall.

Just another stupid useless lie told by the psychopath in the White House.
I have always loved me some Diana Ross, and have seen her in concert, and even danced with her on time—see post HERE. But I love her all the more after seeing the photo of Miss Ross and her family, posing in front of her home, on Christmas Day in unicorn onesies.

And I wanna know where to get one.

Sidenote: yes, there is some kinda creepy photobomber in the picture.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has dropped the prefix for the state she represents in the handle for her official Twitter account fueling speculation that she may run for president in 2020.

Warren changed her official campaign account name from “@elizabethforma” to “@ewarren.”

My take? I like her, but too often she stoops to _____’s level on Twitter with the name-calling and shiz. Liz? Honey? Try this: tell us what YOU are going to do as president, and how you intend to do it. Do NOT tell me how awful _____ is because I already know, and you won’t ever change the mind of his base.

Better yet, don’t run.
House Republicans say more investigation is needed into decisions made by the FBI and the Justice Department in 2016 as they brought an unceremonious end to their yearlong look at the department’s handling of probes into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The wrap-up was  done in a letter, without a full final report, and found … wait for it … nothing.

And yet they say they want to keep searching.
Jermaine Massey, a guest of the DoubleTree hotel in Portland, was in the lobby speaking to his mother on his cell phone when a security guard informed him that police were on their way to escort him off the property. Massey explained that he was a guest of the hotel, and the guard replied:
“Not anymore.”
Then the hotel manager got involved, phoning the police to have Massey removed, even though Massey showed the two men his keycard envelope with the room number and date written on it. But when police arrived, and learned he was a guest, he was still told to collect his things and leave the hotel because … he was a black man on a phone in a hotel lobby and that’s apparently a criminal offense in the minds of the security guard and the manager.

Luckily, Jermaine documented the event on his cell phone, because now, even though he was removed from the hotel, the security guard—Earl—and the manager—Luis—have been fired.

And while that is all well and good, what the hell is wrong with people? Why do people, even a security guard and desk clerk, call the police on a man who has proven he is a guest at the hotel? If he was being loud, politely ask him to lower his voice, but calling the police? What in the hell is wrong with people?

Oh, yeah, there’s a racist in the white House so racism is rearing its ugly fat head.
We attended a Round-The-Way--Gays New Year’s Day party at our friend’s David and Neal’s fabulous new house, and, as happens with a bunch of gays and gay-friendlies in 2018 and now 2019, the chat turned to politics. Of course, no one, thankfully, had a kind word to say about _____, but someone mentioned that it was kind of smart that Nikki Haley resigned, and I said:
“I never thought I’d ever hear the words ‘Nikki Haley’ and ‘smart’ in the same sentence.”
And not one person, and we’re all South Carolinians, disagreed.
This past Tuesday, _____ praised the Washington Examiner for publishing a list of his administration’s 205 historic results.

Sadly, that list of accomplishments actually came directly from _____’s own team, who provided the Examiner an “exclusive.”

Over Christmas we watched Kenneth Branagh’s version of Murder on the Orient Express. It was fun, though the reveal … SPOILER ALERT … SPOILER ALERT… SPOILER ALERT … it was everyone … seemed ridiculous.

But this isn’t about that, it’s about being stuck on a luxurious train with hot men, like … clockwise … Leslie Odom Jr. as Dr Arbuthnot … and Tom Bateman—featured here before—as Bouc … Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Biniamino Marquez … and Sergei Polunin as Count Rudolph Andrenyl.

My kind of rail trip


the dogs' mother said...

So good to hear that your brother and
sil are doing well. (Thank you to Anne
Marie for asking for us :-)

mistress maddie said...

That carlos!!!!!!!!!!

I agree about Warren. Like her, but she'll never win.

Deedles said...

Thanks for the family update.
It is always nice to wake up to Carlos' Tale.

Jennifer said...

A conservative woman at my work said how much she "loves" Nikki Haley and she "hopes she will be our first woman president!" and I nearly vomited.

Leanna said...
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Dave R said...

Warren's going to run, she won't win, But she will stoop low and run diversionary tactics such as calling the Idiot Jerk a liar... to his face. This will help her in the future.

Nikki? Left the administration so she could run her own campaign. When that happens the number of Evangelical rats jumping from the Idiot Jerk's ship will be incomprehensible. They love her... they really love her.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Warren will not win, I agree. But she’ll give us life gettin in Cheeto’s face.
As for Dollywood... I feel ya.


Moving with Mitchell said...

I wonder what Jerry would say if I mentioned Dollywood...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You should take Carlos to Dollywood and show him how great it is!

Bob Slatten said...

Oh we are going!

anne marie in philly said...

carlos has lived a sheltered life.
thank you for the brother update.
the obama "wall" blends in with the house perfectly.
just say NO to unicorn jammies on ANYBODY.
just say NO to warren.
just say HELL NO to any and all GOPrick requests.
fire the bigots! ALL OF THEM!
just say NO to nikki haley (bitch).
the washington examiner should have its head examined.

Bob Slatten said...

The Great and Powerful Anne Marie has spoken!