Sunday, January 01, 2017

HNY 2017

I love the New Year ... the freshness of what may be; the thought of infinite possibility; the idea that I am another year older.

Okay, that last one ... not so much.

But, as I used to tell my sister, who was annoyed that I never seemed to change—and never mind that portrait of me in that attic ... nothing to see there—The Gays are not allowed to age so I’ll take that extra year and run with it.

But I do look forward to doing more, and learning more, thinking more, reading more, loving more, laughing more. These aren't resolutions, as I don't make resolutions because when I do, my resolutions last about as long as it takes me to say resolution. These are promises and wishes, hopes and dreams.

So, I'll leave y’all to have a good day, with a repost, and a little revision, of a previous New Years Day thoughts:

The more things change :::blibbety blah blay bloo touch me::: the more they remain the same:  I am a believer in happiness. I believe that happiness is all we really get in life, a lesson learned from my parents, and that everything else follows. 
Things don't make us happy, at least not for long. And you can't expect people to make you happy either; you either have it to begin with, and others add to it, or you don't.
If you don't believe that, just look around at all the sad, angry, lonely faces you pass on the street. Happiness is something you possess, that you give out, and get back. We're responsible for our own happiness, each and all of us; responsible to find it, to hold on to it; to nurture it and share it.
Without happiness in ourselves, for being ourselves, how can we expect to live fully and completely. We suffer loss every day; I've had my share and, sad to say, I know there's more to come, but I feel happy in the memories I have of those who've gone on ahead.
I know it's hard to be happy when times are hard; these days especially with that feeling of gloom settling in over our country.
It's near impossible to think that things will get better, but they will; it will take all of us to get it better, working together, trying together, but we can make it better; this, and y’all know who I mean by that, is just a speed bump; it, too, shall pass.
I have learned, from my past, from my life, from living as an openly gay man, an unapologetically gay man, in this world, that it will get better. 
I have learned, from my Father the Teacher, never to stop learning and reading and speaking and, well, ranting; the more you learn, the more you grow, and understand, the more happiness you can accept. 
I have learned, from my Mother the Nurturer, to care for things, for people, for animals, for life; to make each day better for those around us, and to make it better for ourselves in the end. 
I have learned, from my Sister the Temper, to speak up; why sit quietly and just let things happen? Stand up and demand the things you want, the happiness you want. Don't settle. 
I have learned, from my Brother the Father, to hold close to family; never let them go; whether it's the family you were born into, or the family you created out of necessity; hold on to them, and protect them, and love them. 
I have learned, from my Partner the Optimist, how to actually let go and be in love and damn the torpedoes; how to be open and honest and know that it won't hurt; how to love yourself, and everyone around you. 
So, I once again realize that I have learned to be happy; I've earned happiness. And I am responsible for it.
It is, after all, all you really get in life.
And so I’ll end with this tune, and this artist, Eva Cassidy, because it makes me happy ... and what a way to start a New Year.


the dogs' mother said...

Very warmest and bestest of New Year's wishes
to you and Carlos! :-) xoxoxox

Raybeard said...

Let me echo Dog's Mater, Bob and C., wishing the both of you plenty of jollies in 2017 with robust good health to go along with it - and let's hope that in a year's time we can all look back and say in the nicest way possible "There was never a year like it!" - even despite you-know-what/who!

Sadie J said...

Happy New Year, everyone! We survived 2016--we'll stay strong in 2017!

Princess said...

Happy new year to both of you boys... things will only get better if we stand up for what is right and keep sharing a little kindness...

anne marie in philly said...

prospero ano, bob y carlos!

I like your sister's thought the best, especially appropriate for 2017: "speak up; why sit quietly and just let things happen? Stand up and demand the things you want, the happiness you want. Don't settle." HELL YEAH! RESIST!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy New Year to you and Carlos! Love the kitty cat blog header for today!

Susan said...

HNY, Bob, and give a kiss from me to Carlos and all the kits. Stay safe, stay strong, in 2017!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Hugs and warm wishes to you, Carlos, and the entire family. You've made my 2016 so much richer. Thank you. Here's hoping we all have things to be grateful for in 2017.

Mark in DE said...

Happy new year Bob & Carlos!