Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Daily Hypocrite: Jason Chaffetz and His Lack of Ethics

From the Height of Hypocrisy file comes the story of, of course, a Republican.

This time is GOP’s flunky, Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah and the head of the House Oversight Committee.

Chaffetz is criticizing Walter Shaub, the director of the federal Office of Government Ethics [OGE], because Shaub is questioning Donald _____’s many, many, conflicts of interest.

Chaffetz has threatened to subpoena Shaub if he refuses to participate in an official interview:
“He seems to be acting prematurely at best, without doing investigations or thorough looks. He’s rendering opinions publicly that really cause you to scratch your head. We need the Office of Government Ethics to act ethically. Ironically, that’s not what they’re doing.”
Yup, he’s questioning the ethics of the ethics department because the ethics department is questioning the ethics of the president which is something they’re supposed to do. Sure, Walter Shaub, an Obama appointee, is a frequent critics of _____’s ethics, especially when said the president-elect “stepping back from running his positions is meaningless from a conflict of interest perspective.”

Chaffetz now claims Shaub has refused to agree to a meeting to discuss matters related to OGE’s public remarks about Trump, but this also comes on the heels of the GOP’s failed attempt to pass language reauthorizing the office.

Huh, so the guy questioning the ethics of the guy questioning the ethics of the president-elect has worked to limit the scope of the ethics office?

Of course, Jason Chaffetz is giddy with praise over _____’s new ALLEGED ethics policy:
“President-elect _____’s obligation is to comply with the laws on the books. It appears he is going to great lengths to be as responsible as possible and comply with those requirements."
Remember, _____ isn’t turning over his businesses to an impartial third party, but to his two sons, Donnie Junior and Eric the Dumb One.

Very ethical, because if anyone thinks that _____ won’t be involved every single day in his businesses and conversing with his two little Hitler Youth sons about those businesses, then you’ve apparently received a degree in Asshattery from _____ U.

I think someone should be questioning the ethics on one goose-stepping Jason Chaffetz.

Oh, and one more tidbit about ethics and Jason Chaffetz ... for most of the presidential campaign last year he spoke out against ____ and it wasn't until _____ became the official nominee that Chaffetz put on the Golden Uniform of a _____ Nazi.


Helen Lashbrook said...

Hypocrites all the GOP

Speaking of ethics; have you heard anything more locally about the Trumpenfuhrer's attempts to foist the expense of decontaminating Donnie's failed S. Carolina company on you the tax payer? It all seems to have gone quiet on that front.

the dogs' mother said...

The mind boggles!

anne marie in philly said...

the dump has NO ETHICS! or MORALS! or CLASS!