Wednesday, January 25, 2017

America Under Siege: _____ Puts His Bank Account Ahead Of The Environment and Native Americans

So, the #AlternativePresident, Donald _____, signed another two executive orders yesterday to advance construction of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines no matter the cost to the environment or the lands, and water, of Native Americans.

Oh, and please remember _____ is a partner in the Dakota Access Pipeline, so, yeah, no conflict of interest there.

The Dakota Access [DAPL] project, a $3.8-billion pipeline designed to move crude oil from the Bakken oil patch along a 1,172-mile-long pipeline spanning four states through the Midwest and into the Gulf Coast.

Last December, construction was halted after the US Army Corps of Engineers denied a permit for the pipeline to cross under a Missouri River reservoir so it could explore alternate routes. Yes, the oil will move under rivers and reservoirs, threatening the water sources for millions of people—not to mention the scared burial grounds of Native Americans—but who cares about water ... water is nothing ... just ask the people of Flint.

The Keystone XL oil pipeline, which would run from Canada to U.S. refineries in the Gulf Coast, was rejected in November 2015 by former President Barack Obama, following a seven-year campaign by environmentalists against it, but _____, who says he’s “bigly” for the environment and spewed an “alternative fact” that he’s received awards “for the environment” wants the oil and the cash from the pipelines, in his wallet.

He campaigned on a promise to ease, or eliminate altogether, regulations, including ones pertaining to the environment, to help spur economic growth because money is more important than clean air and clean water ... at least to Donald _____. I mean, who needs a clean environment when millionaires can get rich off oil profits?

Okay, so here’s the deal ... this man is a menace. He threatens the way of life of every American, including those of you foolish enough to vote for him because you thought he was the Second Coming.

So, I’d suggest those of you who want him out, sooner, rather than later, get busy with your representatives in Congress and urge them to stop this maniac, or vote them out of office and put in place people who will stand up for the American people, and not the millionaires, and impeach this son of a bitch before he destroys every single shred of decency left in this country.

He’s erased The Gays.

He won’t talk Civil Rights.

He’s working to destroy the environment.

He’s gonna build that wall, only now he’s gonna divert federal funds from border security tom pay for it; so, yeah, that whole “We’ll build a wall and Mexico will pay for it” business was another lie.

And now he’s destroying American lands, and the lands of Native Americans for his own personal gain.



the dogs' mother said...

AlternativePresident <--- :-)

Bob Slatten said...

I stole that from George Burch on Facebook, AKA Miss Ginger Grant.

Helen Lashbrook said...

My first thought on reading about that was like yours; he signed off on the pipeline knowing it would mean money coming into his pocket. Lil' Donnie and Erik the psychotic must be doing a war dance to celebrate that Daddy has not forgotten ALL about the bizness!

Der Trumpenfuhrer is different from der Fuhrer in that HE is all about the money while Adolf was interested in pure power