Thursday, January 26, 2017

Random Musings

Like clockwork it’s happening again ... tomorrow is my birthday and, yes, I am still somewhere between forty and death—though, truth be told, the forty is getting smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror.

I am being whisked away for the weekend, so I won’t be doing any commenting on blogs, but I will have some things up in this joint for y’all.

I’ll return, older, wiser, and a bit tired, I think, early next week.

Play nice .... and #Resist!
She really did turn the world on with her smile, and she really did make us laugh.

So, for the laughter, RIP Mary Tyler Moore and here are some of my favorite moments of Mary ...

Now, Barron _____.

Lay off him. It’s not his fault his father’s the worst president ever—and yes, I am saying this six days into the _____ siege.

Remember when the right went after Sasha and Malia Obama and we were all shocked and disgusted that politicos and wingnuts would attack children.

It.Goes.Both.Ways. So, knock it off. Now, Ivanka and Donny Jr and Eric the Dumb are adults and they know what they’re doing so they deserve to be mocked and shamed and ridiculed and laughed at.

Even Tiffany ... The Forgotten _____.
Why is it impossible for _____ to come up with his own ideas? I mean, he’s trying to run the country like a tyrannical despot, a tiny-fisted tyrant, a baby-handed maniac, like a Hitler, if you will.
Does the man not have an original thought? I mean, look at his cake from the inauguration. His cake looks kinda like the cake that celebrity masterbaker Duff Goldman created for Obama four years ago. And apparently it is because the baker of the _____ cake, Tiffany MacIsaac of Washington D.C.’s Buttercream Bakeshop, says that while she had suggested using the Obama cake as an inspiration for this year’s cake, but the _____’s said, No, give us the exact same cake.

What? If they wanted to copy the cake why not have Melania bake it? That’s her thang, right?

The good news is that MacIsaac donated all the profits from the bake to the Human Rights Campaign because, as MacIsaac said, “basic human rights are something every man, woman and child—straight, gay or the rainbow in between—deserve!”

Still ... plagiarizing a cake?
I am not usually into Tom Hardy because in  many of his roles I can scarcely understand what he’s saying, and because he’s kinda dirty—not in a good way—and covered in ink.

But he has a new show on FX, Taboo, where he plays the long-thought-to-be-dead son of a businessman, who returns to 1800s London to collect his inheritance, and maybe start up again with his, this is part of the taboo, half-sister.

Hardy looks grubby but hot in this show, and this time I know what’s he’s saying.
In the interests of fairness, however, that first photo, top left, is Hardy in Legend, where he played a 60s era gangster in London.

He’s sleek and hot in that one.
Speaking of TV .... the Feud is coming with two of my favorite actresses, Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange playing two of my favorite actresses, respectively, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

The story rakes place during the months that Davis and Crawford appeared onscreen together for the first and last time, making Whatever Happened To Baby Jane—one of my favorite films.

It premieres March 5. I’ll be watching.

Okay, so Melania stole parts of Michelle’s speech, and she also stole Jackie Kennedy’s look for the inauguration; yes, I know her coat was blue and Jackie’s was pink, but, come on!

Still ... I feel so badly for her. I didn’t watch the coronation but I did see a video on Facebook where the _____’s came to the White House to meet the Obama’s before the sh*tshow and Donald left his wife in the dust to get out of the car and run up the steps like a giddy schoolgirl who just got her first bra.

And then I saw how warmly the Obama’s were to Melania and when the foursome went inside the White House _____ bullied his way to the front while Barack and Michelle graciously helped Melania inside.

If a man is that rude and unkind and disrespectful to his own wife ....

That’s all. #FreeMelania
So ... Madonna ... I loathe her because she tries to make everything about her ... like her behavior at the Women’s March last weekend.

What was an amazing event turned sour for me when Madge decided to drop a couple of F-bombs during her speech and so the networks cut away from the march until she was done flapping her lips. So, it became less about the event and more about Madonna’s foul mouth.

Note to Madge: you’re a grown-assed woman. Try acting like one.

Oh, and that bit where you said you’d thought about blowing up the White House?

Yeah, shiz like that can get you arrested for making terrorist threats so, again, act like a grown-up because this petulant-spoiled-bratty-misbehaving-all-eyes-on-me-childishness is exactly like a certain newly elected president and do you really wanna be like that?
This morning, while reading about _____ trying to silence government officials from talking about science and climate change, for the first time, I compared a US president to Hitler.

I mean, I saw people do it to W and while I wasn’t a fan, I thought that was a reach.

But not this time ...

Do something. Resist.


Raybeard said...

All the very best and many happy ones for tomorrow, Bob. Make it a day that even _______ can't trump! See you on the other side (of your b'day, I mean).

the dogs' mother said...

Happiest of birthdays, Bob! xoxoxoxox

anne marie in philly said...

BIG SMOOCHES for your birthday! hope carlos treats you to something nice!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday Bob.
JP x

mistress maddie said...

First off, have a Happy Birthday to you. Put your lips together and blow. I must admit, that I feel sorry for Melania . In interviews, she seems so distant and withdrawn. Would surprise me if they get divorced at the end of the four years. I currently only like Madonna because she will drive trump nuts.

Sadie J said...

Happy B-Day! Have a wonderful weekend! I agree, leave the kid alone. I feel a little bad for Melania-- but she sold her soul for a golden toilet when she married him. And I've had a thing for Tom ever since I first saw him on Masterpiece Theater's Oliver!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have a great birthday tomorrow! SIN BIGLY!

Enjoyed all these items. And I must say, I think that Barron Trump is a cute kid. He's a very sweet looking boy.

Blobby said...

HBD. ...but now on to Baron. Had his father even remotely tried to be civil to people he didn't know, I'd agree, hands off the kid. But Dump made it all out war at all nothing is on the table anymore. One could claim to be a bigger man than Dump, but guess what - he doesn't recognize that, so I'm ok with fire with fire. That kid has a lifetime and a half of therapy ahead of him even if his father wasn't president.

Madonna. What a hag. And no madge, this isn't a sexist or ageist're just a shitty individual (with LOTS of bad music in the last 15 years). But hey, deflect that with how horrible are to you because you're old and a woman.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The connections between der Trumpenfuhrer and the Third Reich have become even more apparent as time goes on; the attacks on the free media have a Goebbelsesque ring to them, the refusal to allow government departments to communicate with the public, the wall has echoes of the concentration camps set up in midsummer 1933 in the early months of the Reich. I could go on with the correlations, but you are as capable of joining up the dots as I am. But make no mistake Trumpelstiltskin is nowhere near as intelligent as Hitler, but he is as talented at setting people (and countries) at odds with one another. And Putin will not be der Trumpenfuhrer's Mussolini, more the other way around....Americans and the rest of the world watch out