Wednesday, January 04, 2017

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Toots His Own Horn

Richard Spencer, the white supremacist leader of that white supremacist group that calls itself Alt-Right—another name for hate, bigotry, intolerance, white supremacy, Nazism—is feeling mighty good about himself and his band of Junior Hitlers this year.

He sent an email out to his followers, both those with hoods and those without, to celebrate:
“A new identity politics—one with us as its vanguard—is coming into being.
There was a time when Christmas fundraisers were about the hope that “one day” our movement might make a major breakthrough.
Well, “one day” is today.
This Christmas, I’m not asking for a donation so that we might raise our profile. That’s already happened, in an amazing way.
The Alt Right and yours truly have become something like household names.
We’ve been denounced by Hillary Clinton . . . we’re even too hot for Donald Trump . . . I’ve been on the front page of the New York Times more than I can remember . . . hundreds of international journalists attend our press conferences . . . we’ve been parodied on Saturday Night Live . . . the L.A. Times called us “the first new philosophical competitor to liberalism since the fall of Communism” . . . on campus, I’m causing mass protests and rendering Rabbis speechless . . . three books (that I know) of are being written about the Alt Right phenomenon . . .
So much winning.
A year ago, if someone had told me all this happened, I never would have believed him.
The Left is permanently freaked out and can’t stop talking about us. The “conservatives,” who had denied our existence for four years, now recognize that we are displacing them. A new identity politics—one with us as its vanguard—is coming into being.
Yes, of course, so much of what has been said about the Alt Right and me has been negative, sometimes even slanderous. And believe me, the attacks have taken a personal toll.
But to view all this coverage as merely negative is to miss the point entirely.
We have been recognized. We are part of the conversation—indeed, we are driving it—and we will never return to the fringe. And attacks are the price that we must pay for making an impact.
Of course, the Alt Right is much bigger than me, NPI, and Radix; indeed, it would not have become a phenomenon if it were not a movement of many parts. But we are right at the center of everything that is happening, and I have emerged as the Alt Right’s chief representative.
The challenge now is to capitalize on our exposure and build lasting institutions.
2016 was our breakthrough year. It wasn’t just the year of Donald Trump; it was the year of the Alt Right.”
Yup, it’s Richard Spencer basically praising himself, and talking about himself, and asking for money so he can make himself more of a phenomenon. He even ends by building himself up as the chief white supremacist among white supremacist.

So, it isn't about a white supremacist movement at all; no, it's just like Hitler, a tiny disenfranchised man trying to boost his own ego and self-esteem by propagating hatred.

Alt-Right. White supremacy; they’re the same thing but Spencer changed the name to make it more palatable, but any way you slice it, hate is hate is hate.

So, let's resist the hate and make 2017 the end of white supremacist like Spencer; let’s have him crawl back into the darkness, with his borrowed Nazi salutes and Hitler youth haircut and self-importance like the dirty little cockroach he is.

We have no time to be bothered by hate.

Resist. Speak out, Fight hate, because, with people like Richard Spencer, they start with one group to demonize and then move on to every other group, so one day it might be you the white supremacists are coming after.
h/t to David Futrelle at We Hunted The Mammoth for the new logo for hate


Mitchell is Moving said...

The Year of the Alt Right or, in translation, The Year of the Nazis... May they crawl back under their rocks and never feel empowered again.

the dogs' mother said...

Well, he's right about one thing - they have been recognized - all the better to resist!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

If they want rebranding, how about the "Alt-Wrong"?

anne marie in philly said...

these assholes make me wanna hurl! h8ers all! RESIST!

Dave R said...

He is pretty much of an asshole, isn't he?