Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Remember This The Next time You Hear Someone Say Being Gay Is An Abomination

Itaberli Lozano was seventeen and he was gay ... was; his mother, Tatiana Lozano Pereira, didn’t like having a gay son.

So she hired a group of boys to beat him up, or perhaps to try and beat the gay out of him, and that when she saw that Itaberli was dying, she stabbed him because she thought it was better to end his life.

You know, rather than say, call an ambulance.

Then she had her husband take her son’s body from the house, set it on fire and bury it in a sugar cane field.

And once all that was done,  Tatiana Lozano Pereira, told friends and family that Itaberli had run away to live with extended family, and nine days later she even filed a missing persons report with police.

Itaberli Lozano’s body was discovered two days before his mother notified police; it was identified by of a bracelet that appeared in several photos of Lozano on social media.

When questioned by police, Tatiana Lozano Pereira said her son abused drugs and brought stranger men into her home; Itaberli’s uncle, Dario Rosa, disputed that story, saying Lozano was hard-working and educated, and that he believes Tatiana Lozano Pereira killed her son because he was gay.

Tatiana Lozano Pereira did confess to murdering her son, but said she did so in self-defense after getting into an altercation with him last month; she says he then went to live with his uncle and grandmother but came back two days later and her, her husband, and their 3-year-old son, so she stabbed Itaberli to death in self-defense. She then woke her husband and they wrapped the body in a duvet and burned it and buried it.

She changed her story a few days later when it was learned that Itaberli Lozano has reported her to local authorities and had posted a message on Facebook accusing her of hiring several boys to beat him.

The boys were arrested and questioned and reveled that Tatiana Lozano Pereira had asked them to beat her son but that she was the one who murdered him and then discarded the body like it was garbage.

So, you know, the next time you hear someone say that being gay is so repugnant, ask them if murdering your own son for being gay is no big deal.


Professor Chaos said...

This is so heartbreaking! There is a special place in Hell for people like this poor kid's mother.

Sadie J said...

I can't understand how a parent could do such a thing. How can they really believe their child is better off dead?

the dogs' mother said...

Blessings on Itaberli Lozano.

anne marie in philly said...

do the same thing to this cruel bitch! NO MERCY!

mistress maddie said...

Friends say I can be barbaric. I firmly believe people should be punished by the crime they did. She and company should be done the same, as they did.

Raybeard said...

Dreadful, simply dreadful. Let me guess now - she'll claim that she's 'religious' and so will expect it to be taken as a mitigating factor in justifying her action?

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm with @sj on this; I am totally unable to comprehend how a mother could do that to a child of hers. My heart bleeds for the poor boy.

itsmyhusbandandme said...

Stories like this almost make you give up on humanity.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Hearbreaking. I might also point this out the next time someones tells me a mother's love is unconditional.