Thursday, November 17, 2016

Random Musings

After spending time with my Dad recently, I realized that, while some children take after one parent or the other, I am literally both my parents rolled into one.

My dad loves to say about my Mom’s cooking style that she prepared enough food for an army but the army never showed up; Mom used to make a lot of food ... leftovers were popular ‘round our house.

And I’m like that ... I’ll make soup or my famous Enchilasagna for Carlos and me and there’s enough to feed the neighborhood ... or to freeze and have for dinner well into the next year.
And as for Dad? Growing up he was the Light Monitor; he would make sure that we turned off any and all unnecessary lights throughout the house ... sometimes while we were still in the room.

And I do that ... I came home from work the other day and, in the kitchen Carlos had turned on the light over the stove, the light over the sink, the lights over the island, the lights over the kitchen table, and the lights in the ceiling; fourteen lights in all. He had also turned on the light in the sunroom, the lights over the wet bar, two lamps in the living room, the hall lights, the bedroom lights, all the lights in the bathroom and the light in the closet where he stood removing his shoes.

I suddenly became my Dad ... poor Carlos. But at least we had leftovers for dinner ... by candlelight.
Mike Huckabee is saying that Donald _____ could be the greatest president ever.

Mike.Huckabee. A man who ran for president how many times and couldn’t even get out of the gates?

Yeah, I’ll take him seriously.
At the end of last month I posted a story about Tom Doyle, whose longtime partner, Bill Cornwellhad died and left Tom the Greenwich Village home they shared for fifty-three years ... see post HERE. But some of Bill’s greedier relatives took the home away from Tom saying the two men had never married and lived as roommates in a one-bedroom apartment for all those decades and so that meant Tom shouldn’t get the house; they should and they should be able to sell.

Now a New York judge has blocked the property’s sale by the dead man’s relatives and ordered them to show cause why Tom Doyle, as their uncle’s “surviving spouse,” should not be declared the “sole heir.”

Please; try to make it clear how two men, who had planned to get married when same-sex marriage became legal in New York but never did, and who lived together for over half a century, were not a couple and so Tom Doyle should be kicked out.

Oh, yeah, you can’t. Greedy Motherfuckers.
From the WTF File:

This week Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Seriously? He looks like an eraser.
From the Sit Down You Had Your Chance File ... more than half of the 112 anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland, Oregon recently didn’t vote in the election.

Yes, they didn’t vote and when they didn’t like the outcome they took to the streets.

Sorry asshats, you don’t vote, you don’t get a say, cuz, you know, had you taken the time to cats your ballot, maybe the results would have gone the other way.

Um, People? If you were looking for Sexy Mens for your little magazine and could only come up with The Rock, might I suggest you take a look at ...

David Ajala, a sexy Brit with gorgeous eyes on USA’s Falling Water or ...

Deniz Akdenz, who plays Aladdin on Once Upon A Time where most of the fairy tale men are hothothot or ...

Juan Diego Botto, who plays a sexy Latino hit man on Good Behavior.

There’s some sexy men for you.
It must be Sweeps Month because shameless huckster “Dr.” Phil went to New Mexico and found actress Shelly Duvall, rumored to be suffering from mental illness, and brought her to LA to use her as a ratings get for his show.

Again from the WTF File ... rumors are swirling that President-elect _____ is thinking of appointing South Carolina Governor, and virulent anti_____er Nikki Haley as Secretary of State.

I thought Rudy Giuliani was a horrid choice, but is _____ really thinking of putting someone in there who has almost no foreign policy experience?

I mean, why not me?
In North Carolina future ex-governor Pat McCrory is trailing his rival, Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper, by about 5,000 votes.

But McCrory won’t go gently and is now filing election protests in 11 more counties.

McCrory, a Republican, is claiming voter fraud instead of just realizing he lost.

Go home, Pat, where you can pick and choose who uses the bathrooms.
An email scandal? Oh Hillary not again! How could you ... what? It’s not Hillary but future Vice President Mike Pence?

Yes, the Pence administration is fighting to conceal the contents of an email sent to Pence by a political ally while he was governor of Indiana. The email is being sought by a Democratic labor lawyer who says he wants to expose waste in the Republican administration.

But this isn’t the first time Mike Pence has sought to hide things from the public; after leaving Congress, where he served twelve years without passing so much as one bill of his own, Pence took the unprecedented step of sealing all of his records during his time in the House.

And keeping them sealed until 2022 or his death, whichever comes later.

Yup, Mike Pence is trying to hide secrets of his own, y’all. Go figure.


the dogs' mother said...

Secretary of State Bob. :-)
I like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm like Carlos, except I leave cupboards open and my hubby has to go around closing them. I also leave lights on but that is mostly "ooh something shiny" moments.
I guess sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I like The Rock. There is something attractive about a big man with a good sense of humor. However, my husband of 41 years is the sexiest man alive! Sure, he looks like a brown Ninja Turtle when he wears sports goggles, but he's all mine!


mistress maddie said...

So I gather Carlos likes leaving lights on above things!?! I would swear Trump is finding every right wing, extremely conservative politicians for positions!!!! How does he expect people who voted these ass hats in to take a #2, if there assholes are in Washington?

Dave R said...

Didn't you know, Sexiest Man Alive is always given to a 'B' actor.

anne marie in philly said...

the rock? UGH!!!!! give me prince harry!

mccrory needs to STFU and take his ball and go home.

"dr. phil" is a scam artist. as is the huckster.

Robb Delman said...

Bless you for bringing attention to (Good Behavior's) Juan Diego Botto; but have you spotted Manny Montana on "Conviction"? The show admittedly has plot holes big enough to walk through, but O...M...G Manny

Professor Chaos said...

Is "Dr." Phil an actual doctor? Shouldn't his license be revoked for exploiting his "patients" for ratings?
Dr. Drew, too.

Bob Slatten said...

Now I need to find Manny!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I read yesterday about Shelly Duvall and had the same thoughts about "Dr." Phil. Shameful.

I'm also a mix of both parents', which I sometimes find very disturbing and focus on overcoming.