Monday, November 21, 2016

Pamela Ramsey Taylor Showed Her True Colors A Few Months Too Soon

Pity poor Pamela Ramsey Taylor. Had she waited just a couple of more months to whip out her racism she might still have a job.

But Taylor, an employee of the Clay Development Corporation in West Virginia, chose to refer to First Lady Michelle Obama as an “ape in heels” in a Facebook post and for that she’s now walking the unemployment line. I feel so bad ... not.

The mayor of Clay, Beverly Whaling was criticized for commenting on Taylor’s post:
“Just made my day Pam.”
A spokesperson for Clay Development Corporation said Taylor had been removed from her post, but refused to comment further, and neither racist asshat, Taylor or Whaling, was commenting further and their Facebook pages have been deleted.

Good riddance.

While the Clay Development Corporation is not affiliated with the city of Clay, West Virginia state code says a municipal officer can be removed from office if he or she has participated in official misconduct, neglect of duty or incompetence. Taylor seems guilty of all three, and toss in some ignorance, racism, sand stupidity for good measure.

An online petition ... HERE ... calling for both women to be ousted for the racist post and the comment was started over the weekend and NEARLY 200,000 people have signed on; interestingly enough, the town of Clay has a population of just 648.

Let me make this queer: if you don’t like Michelle Obama because you think she’s a terrible First Lady, you have my support in saying that. But when you trot out your bigotry and hatred and downright asshattedness and say the kinds of thins Taylor said, you needed to be fired from your job.

Plain and simple. Sadly, I believe that had Taylor waited until the new administration came into office, she’d have survived with her job intact.

That’s the America we are looking at.

Oh, and before I forget, shortly before Pamela Ramsey Taylor was booted from her job she tried, like more ignorant racists, to walk back her comments by taking to social media again:
“To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to address a Facebook on my personal page from earlier today. I had posted a personal opinion of the current First Lady of the President of the United States which has been misconstrued as racist."
Not misconstrued; for centuries racists have been referring to black people as apes; it’s the textbook example of racism, you ignorant tool.
“I would like to apologize to any one individual that took offense to my post; that was not my intent. I am in no way, shape or form, a racist, bigot or chauvinist. My post, be it may interpreted as racist (though NO WAY INTENDED TO BE), was referring to my personal opinion of the attractiveness, not the color of one’s skin.  For those that feel that was inappropriate and racist, skin color was the furthest thing from my mind.”
Except ... you wouldn’t call a white person an ape if you wanted to talk about how unattractive they were; you’d simply call them ugly ... as ugly, both inside her heart and soul, and outside, as Pamela Ramsey Taylor?
“I have since removed the post, recognizing my error in judgment and how it can be considered insensitive. Unfortunately, there are individuals that want to continue to exploit and inflame this situation by continuing to repost and share it. I would like to respectfully and humbly request that you please refrain from sharing or posting the post I am referring to, not on my behalf, but on behalf of my family, and friends due to the fact that this may cause undue duress."
Nope, Pamela, when racism rears its ugly, and in your case, extraordinarily ugly, face and words, you don’t ignore it, you call it out, you point it out; you shame it.
“I, however, am entitled to my own opinion as afforded under the constitution [sic] of the United States; as well as every citizen of this country. Once again I ap0ologize for any hurt my post may have caused; but firmly stand behind YOUR RIGHT as a citizen of the United States of America  to state YOUR opinion (even as possibly offensive and hurtful as I may find it) about me and my personal observations.”
Yes, Pamela Ramsey Taylor, you are entitled to your opinion, you are entitled to be a racist; and I am entitled to tell as many people as I choose, through word of mouth and word of blog, about how disgusting and despicable and filled with hate I think you are; my RIGHT.

Now, get yourself to the unemployment line ... bitch. And take Beverly, too, because she resigned her post as mayor because she's a disgrace to the office and to her city and to her state and to her country and to the world.


Anonymous said...

I just choked on an almond (I've given up Cheetos for the duration)! Who exactly is the "classy, beautiful, DIGNIFIED, First Lady"?


anne marie in philly said...

FUCK YOU, you ignorant white cunts! hope you NEVER find another job!

Mitchell is Moving said...

But denying you said what you said and meant what you meant worked so well for Trump! And I'm at a loss to to understand who the dignified First Lady will be. Has Melania been replaced already?

the dogs' mother said...

Surprised as heck when I first read about this!
Thanks for the update, Bob. :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

I heard that Ivanka was going to be standing in for the verbally challenged next FLOTUS; neither one nor the other is lovely, in fact Melania looks rather slitty-eyed, but that's probably the plastic surgery

Raybeard said...

And the phrase "Some of my best friends are......" never even cropped up. Congratulations to P.M.T. for that, at least!

Kim Carney said...

The even more outrageous event came when they quietly reinstated her on Dec 26. I think I was even more angry at that ... that they think we are just stupid and not paying attention. I think we would still see the outrage even after the new admin in charge. Because, mot of us are paying very close attention to what is going on. It is shameful. PS Today I see she has been fired (again). But they started a facebook page: We Love Pamela Ramsey and Beverly Whaling, and are insisting they they are being targeted because they are white. Which is just this reverse psychology that has been going on the last year. I say something racist but then I deny and make you the bad person.I am just so proud that folks took the time to sign the petition because they are morally outraged.