Monday, November 21, 2016

Eight! I'm Eight!!

And I scarcely feel a day over seven!

But it's true, this little blog thing started eight years ago today! And it's still here, and I still like, and people still read it and so, yeah, I'm eight!

I started small and ... well, here's that first post:

I'm new to this blog thing, but I do love to talk and I do have an opinion—hell, I have thousands of opinions—so I guess that's as good a place to start. 
Let's talk about.........Me!
I am a happily-partnered gay male, and I have been with the love of my life for the last eight years. We met online in an AOL chatroom—no, not THAT kind of chatroom—and became IM friends, and then email friends, and then phone friends and then friends across the country and then I went from California to Miami to meet him, and that was that.
A few months later I'd left California and settled in Miami—talk about culture shock! We stayed in Miami for about six years until Carlos—the aforementioned partner—accepted a job in Smallville, South Carolina, and we loaded up the truck and moved to....well, not Beverly Hills, but Smallville. A small town. A cute town. A town full of nice people who didn't seem at all peeved that the newest arrivals were a couple of mo's from Miami.
That's a start, I think. More to come.....I hope.
My how things have changed since then ... so let's take a moment and look at some facts about ISBL:

This is post 7,540 ... sheesh I talk a lot; that's almost two-and-one-half posts a day though i wonder what I said on half a post???

There are three hundred followers, though thankfully not all of them comment because that would be insane to keep up with.

From May 2010 ... cuz that's when I started counting ... until this morning, I have been visited by 2,858,754 people.

The most popular post on this blog is, strangely, Steve Kornacki Comes Out which has been viewed almost 11,000 times; seriously. It has 3,000 more hits than the second most popular post, Happy Birthday Joan Van Ark.

Seriously; that's my Top Two!

My audience ... now that’s funny ... is mostly from the US, followed by Germany, Russia—does Putin know a lot of Russians are reading a gay man’s blog?—Canada, the UK, and the Ukraine, Australia, Poland and The Netherlands. Quite the mixed bag, I think.

But I thank all of them, all of you, for coming by to check on what I have to say whether it's political, social, architectural, fashionable, or just some stories about me and Carlos and our furry family.



Fearsome Beard said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
It is fun ain't it? I enjoy reading your blog simply because it's obvious you enjoy blogging. I hope you continue the enjoyment.

BloggerJoe said...

Happy Birthday!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary, Bob. It is always a pleasure to come, read what you have to say, and occasionally respond. Thank you for sharing your life, loves, and opinions.

the dogs' mother said...

Many happy returns of the day!
I found you thru your posts on the Project Runway blog.
This fellow is funny and has insight let's go check him
out. Glad I did! xoxoxoxox

Kirk said...

Happy anniversary. Just started reading you blog a few months ago, and now can't get enough of it.

Anonymous said...

Singing: Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. HAAAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
It is best to wear earplugs when I do that!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope to read many more posts.

mistress maddie said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I have thought of doing one of these post, and have one planned....but I'm waiting till I hit ten! I'm just hit nine, I think. Who knows. I was just tell Anne Marie your one of my oldest commenters right with the Empress and Cali Boi. And I still love you!

Kitty USA said...

Happy Blog Anniversary,
I follow, I get your updates by a different feed, so add plus one to your follower count! I found you somehow about a year ago.
I enjoy every entry and some of your friend's blogs under Brilliant Bloggers.
Kitty USA

Mark in DE said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

anne marie in philly said...

let's see, your blog is 8 years old, and bob's mental state is ___ years old...

heh heh heh! ;-)

keep it up, bob; mucho amor to you and carlos!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Happy Birthday... um, anniversary... um, birthday... Just Happy! I'm so happy you created this blog and have shared so much. And I'm especially happy to know you and Carlos are on the Earth!

Scott said...

Happy blog anniversary. You're part of my dail read.